How To Choose Swimming Pool Tiles

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How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Tiles

Types of Tiles Suited for Swimming Pools

When it comes to swimming pool tile installation, you have several options to choose from, including glass mosaic tiles, transparent glass mosaics, and porcelain mosaic tiles. These are among the best choices for swimming pool applications.

Selecting the Perfect Swimming Pool Tiles

Choosing the right tiles is a crucial aspect of pool design, significantly impacting the pool’s aesthetics. The type and size of tiles determine labour costs for installation and the required materials such as tile adhesive, grout, and epoxy.

Swimming Pool Tiles Options

Option 1: Opt for Venetian glass mosaics in sizes 20mm x 20mm or 25mm x 25mm.

Option 2: Consider transparent glass mosaic tiles, available in sizes 25mm x 25mm, 50mm x 50mm, and 100mm x 100mm with a thickness of 4mm, perfect for larger residential pools.

3: Explore porcelain mosaics in various sizes (25mm x 25mm, 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm, and 100mm x 100mm). Porcelain tiles are versatile and suitable for both functional and decorative purposes. Ensure a thickness of 6-8mm or more for these tiles.

Choosing the Right Color for Swimming Pool Tiles

The colour of your pool tiles can significantly influence the pool’s atmosphere. Consider a blend of three to four colours, such as shades of blue, aquamarine, and green, or opt for a delightful gradient of colours, transitioning from dark to light.

Border Tiles for Swimming Pools

The type of border tiles you choose depends on your pool design. Skimmer-type pools benefit from a 10 to 15-cm border from the top of the coping stone, while overflow pools may not require a border. For pools with vanishing edges on one or two sides, a border for the dry area is optional.

How To Choose Swimming Pool Tiles
Logos and Designs

If you plan to incorporate logos or specific designs, they are best placed in the centre of the pool’s bottom floor. Common design options include dolphins, flowers, angelfish, mermaids, and even company logos for residential apartments and villas.

Special Considerations for Olympic-Sized Pools

Olympic or semi-Olympic-sized pools often use porcelain mosaic tiles due to their size and division into tracks. Lane markings are done with contrasting colours. The preferred tile size for such pools is 240mm x 120mm.

Swimming Pool Tiles vs. Regular Tiles

It’s crucial to choose tiles specifically designed for swimming pool conditions. Ceramic tiles intended for wet areas can corrode within a few years while swimming pool tiles are highly resistant to chemicals and offer greater durability.

How To Choose Swimming Pool Tiles
Important Features of Swimming Pool Tiles

Swimming pool tiles have several key features, including:

  • Lower water absorption for superior resistance to crazing and frost.
  • Resistance to algae growth.
  • Enhanced water pressure resistance compared to ordinary ceramic tiles.
  • Higher hygiene standards and safety.
  • Longer service life.
  • Special designs for pool steps and edges.
  • Specialized pool fittings for various junctions.

Moreover, swimming pool tiles are easy to clean and maintain, typically requiring soft brushing twice a week to maintain hygiene and remove debris.

Where to Buy Swimming Pool Tiles

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