What is SRC Cement?

Sulfate-Resistant Cement (SRC), also known as Sulphate-Resisting Cement, is a specialized type of Portland cement designed to withstand exposure to sulfate-rich environments.

Sulfates can be naturally occurring in soils or water, or they can be present in industrial and wastewater environments. When ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is exposed to high levels of sulfates, it can undergo a chemical reaction that leads to the formation of expansive products, which can cause concrete deterioration and cracking.

What is SRC cement and its uses?

SRC is formulated to resist this sulfate attack and provide durable construction in such challenging conditions.

Here are some key features and uses of SRC cement:

1. Sulfate Resistance: SRC is specifically engineered to resist the detrimental effects of sulfate exposure. It contains a lower amount of tricalcium aluminate (C3A) compared to OPC, as C3A is more susceptible to sulfate attack. This reduced C3A content helps prevent the formation of expansive compounds in the presence of sulfates.

2. Durability: SRC cement is often used in applications where durability is paramount. It is suitable for constructing concrete structures in areas with high sulfate concentrations, such as sewage treatment plants, coastal regions, and industrial facilities.

3. Marine Construction: Due to its sulfate resistance, SRC is commonly employed in the construction of marine structures, including piers, jetties, and sea walls, where exposure to seawater and sulfates is prevalent.

4. Underground Structures: SRC is ideal for underground structures like tunnels and basements, where soil conditions may contain sulfates that could potentially damage conventional concrete.

5. Chemical Plants: Industries such as chemical processing and petrochemical plants often use SRC in their construction projects because of the potential exposure to sulfates from chemical processes and wastewater.

6. Sewer Systems: SRC is a preferred choice for the construction of sewer pipes and manholes, as it can resist the corrosive effects of sulfate-rich sewage.

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What is SRC Cement?

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