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Brick or Hollow Brick?

Brick or hollow bricks

Choosing between solid brick and hollow brick is a significant decision in the realm of construction, as it directly impacts the structural integrity, insulation, and overall aesthetics of a building. Consider project needs when choosing from options, each with unique advantages and considerations; make a decision accordingly. Solid Brick: Solid bricks are known for their … Read more

Stages of New Building Construction

Stages of New Building Construction

We will explore the various stages involved in new building construction and design. We aim to provide you with a simplified understanding of the construction process. Stages of New Building Construction 1. Location Selection The first crucial step in building your dream home is selecting the right location. It’s essential to identify a suitable plot … Read more

Cost of Building Materials

Building Materials

Please note that we don’t sell or deliver any of the items. Basic Building Materials cost and price in Kerala 2018.  Approximate cost of materials used in civil construction works.  Description Approximate Cost In Rs Unit Check Current Price BRICKS        Burned Bricks (RED BRICKS) 13.00 Per Piece    Wire cut Bricks  Size 9″x … Read more

Vastu Consultations for Homes

Vastu Consultation

Vastu Consultations for Homes, Our Designing Team at KJASONS® provides the state of art 3D architectural & interior designing solutions, besides the look-and-feel, layout and functionality, we also give importance to Vastu Shastra and its principles. Home Vastu Vastu guidelines are used as an important parameter in planning & designing for any facility, be it … Read more

KJA & Sons Civil Engineering Company

K.J.A & Sons Civil Engineering Company

KJA & Sons is a civil engineering company established in the year 2012, The company has its roots in K.R. Joseph & Sons registered builders and contractors operating from Ernakulam since 1983. We have evolved as a leader in civil engineering and civil construction of residential and commercial buildings. Our objective is to provide total solutions to … Read more

Land Survey and Mapping Services

Land Survey and Mapping Services

Land Survey and Mapping Services are the art and science of accurately measuring dimensions, lengths, and boundary lines of land including structures within the area which are all precisely determined through a land survey. Land Survey services are part of KJA & Sons, bringing together South India’s leading land survey consultants & surveying company. Introduction … Read more

Regularisation of Unauthorized Construction

Regularisation of unauthorized Construction

Regularisation of Unauthorized Construction, Following is the List of documents to be submitted for obtaining building no for unauthorized/deviated construction in and around Cochin corporation limits, which also may apply to all other districts in Kerala. Documents Needed For Regularisation of unauthorized/deviated Construction Once you submit the following documents, respective authorized personnel will check and … Read more

Kerala House: A Dream Come True

Kerala House

Are you planning to construct a house in Kerala? Have you discovered a good piece of land and need more information about how to go about constructing your house? Are you halfway through your task, and hoping to determine what is the latest best equipment for your new home. This is an in-depth Online House … Read more