How to Reduce The Cost of Building a Home in Kerala

People often confuse themselves in deciding whether to buy or build to build a brand-new house. Each of the above choices has advantages and disadvantages.

Buying an existing house may allow you to move in right away, but on the other hand, floor plan design and layouts may not be of your choice. By building a house from vacant land, will allow you to construct your dream home. However, the construction process may take about 6 to 8 months or more to complete your dream project.

How to Reduce The Cost of Building a Home in Kerala

Constructing a new building on your land may sometimes sound like a huge investment, but there are plenty of methods we can adopt to build a dream home that will fit your pocket.

Building a new home can be the ideal option for potential homeowners, but it is essential to study the pros and cons of the choice based on your situation.

The first step towards your dream project is the design stage, it is also the most crucial one. Here is where you put in all your ideas and select the materials which you can use to reduce the cost of building and still construct the building of your choice.

Do you own a plot of land on which you wish to build? we can help you design to build your dream home.

What are the advantages of building a New House?

  • Can personalize every detail of your home.
  • As per interest selection of the most suitable elevation, layout, flooring and cabinets, lighting, paint colour and aesthetics.
  • Can incorporate all the latest technology according to your budget.
  • Use a more energy-efficient method and material usage.

How to reduce the construction cost in Kerala?

Following are some important points which will help in reducing the cost of building your home in Kerala. The below steps can aid you in completing your project on time and within a tight budget.

  • Planning, Estimation and Appointing a Contractor.
  • Size of your Project.
  • Selection and Efficient use of building materials.
  • Low maintenance design.
  • Green Buildings & Energy Efficient Construction.

Planning, Estimation and Appointing a Contractor.

To start the building process one should ideally consult with an architect with adequate experience in the type of buildings which you wish to construct. We strongly advise consulting your Architect before acquiring the plot since he can give you many valuable inputs concerning the particular plot and feasibility of constructing the building of your choice.

After the plan is finalized and appropriate permits are received you can search for a reliable contractor who will responsibly complete your project. A contractor should be able to work out an estimate after studying the relevant drawing given by the architects.

Since the construction project can take an average of eight months or more to complete. A homeowner should probably add the cost of renting during this time to the overall estimate. Also, add a considerable amount for unforeseen expenses like union charges in Kerala.

Choosing a corrupt contractor can escalate your budget considerably and potentially leave you with an unfinished project. A reputable contractor will not compromise on the quality of the materials under any circumstance.

Proficient and experienced contractors are bound to complete a project more safely, efficiently, and competently. You should investigate, collect some quotations and check out the references by the potential contractor before approving him.

Size of Your Project

When determining and confirming the floor plan of your project make sure that you don’t build too big. A larger house simply means more investments and maintenance in the long run. During your sessions with the architect, you should specifically tell what you want. Then he will work on a floor plan that best fits the client’s needs.

The perks of choosing an appropriate size and layout are the following.

  1. The project will stay within the budget.
  2. Complete the project within the proposed time frame
  3. Manageable and affordable.

Selection and Efficient Use of Building Materials

One of the most important principles to follow is the effective use of building materials if strictly followed can save a lot of money. Wastage of building materials can be avoided and prevented if a well-defined plan is followed.

Another effective method for reducing overall project costs is the right material selection. The architect can help choose the most cost-effective materials which will go along best with your floor plans. Building a house with high-grade structural integrity is of greater importance than the use of high-end finishes.

This will greatly help to reduce maintenance costs in the long run. Choosing a more cost-efficient building material does not mean that you have to sacrifice design aesthetics or quality.

Low Maintenance Design

Another way to reduce construction costs is to reduce the complexity of the design. To reduce the construction cost in Kerala it is advised to avoid complex floor design & elevation or sometimes even avoid the large landscapes.

Labour costs are one of the big factors which govern the cost of building homes in Kerala. It is expensive as well as very difficult to get local labourers and masons.

Since time is money, it is important to reduce the amount of time it takes to build. Simple and ergonomic designs will allow for a more efficient creation.

Always vote for quality where it implies the most like shutters, roofing and claddings. Quality-tested products will last longer and are normally easier to maintain.

Green Buildings & Energy Efficient Construction

Building an energy-efficient home can bring in long-term financial benefits. These types of buildings are generally called green buildings. Some of the features of these buildings are listed below but not limited to the following.

  • Energy-efficient windows help to keep heat out during the summer and winter.
  • Installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can reduce humidity, and improve home convenience.
  • Technologies including LED lights and low-flow toilets which eventually achieve a lot of energy and water savings.
  • Energy Star-rated lighting- appliances and plumbing fixtures to help homeowners save on utilities.
  • Planting Trees and vegetation in the garden, and on rooftops is the most effective way to reduce heat and to cool the atmosphere surrounding the building.

The initial cost for these better quality products may be higher, but the homeowner will eventually save money in the maintenance cost of the same.

How to Reduce The Cost of Building a Home in Kerala 1

Holding on to a tight budget is critical to the building process. If at any point in time it is realized that it is difficult to remain on the planned budget then one should review their design again. At this point recognizing an alternative design or choosing different finishes can be done to reduce the budget.

The contractor needs to monitor construction costs and the progress of buildings throughout the project to ensure on-time completion of the project. Policies and regulations are evolving continuously, let’s all focus on building sustainable buildings and using natural resources wisely.

It is obvious that your resources and the approved contractor play a crucial role when planning and executing your home project. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right builder like KJA & Sons.

We have been in the industry for many years and will guide you wisely to avoid unnecessary risks and liabilities.