Fish Pond Waterproofing and Potable Epoxy Coating System

Fish Pond Waterproofing and Potable Epoxy Coating System are treated with special epoxy coatings for their final looks and properties. Those coatings which are particularly meant for underwater use should be non-toxic for fish and safe for plants.

Potable epoxy coatings are available in two types.

  1. UV -stabilized – to use in the application of Open to sunlight ponds and water bodies.
  2. Non-UV stabilized – to use in underground water storage tanks that are not open to sunlight.

The below method is followed in fish pond waterproofing and potable water epoxy coating system.

  • Cast the RCC tank
  • After de-shuttering do the core cutting and fix all the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Seal the pipe periphery using Bostik Flow Fill Grout GP or equivalent.
  • Fill the pond with water and keep it for 3 to 4 days to identify the weak points and leakages.
  • Provide injection grouting in the weak points and repair construction joints using polymer-modified mortar / Bostik Patchfix Micro concrete.
  • Provide waterproofing coating using Bostik Boscocemslurry @ 1.5kg / sq. Meter
  • Plaster the coated surface using cement sand mix 1:4 using Bostik Boscocem475 as a Bonding agent while plastering @ dosage 2 ltr per bag of cement.
  • Provide water curing for 7 days.
  • Allow the plaster to dry for the next 7 – 10 days
  • Conduct the moisture test using a moisture meter.
  • Once the moisture is less the 5% apply one coat of Bostik Moisture seal @ 5 sq. mtr / kg
  • Allow drying for 8 hrs.
  • Apply Bostik Epoxy coating UW of the desired colour in two coats @ 3sq. Mtr / kg
  • Allow the coating to dry for 72 hours before water filling.
  • Avoid falling of direct sunlight on the coating till the filling of water.
Fish Pond Waterproofing and Potable Epoxy Coating System

Cost of system

Pipe core filling – Rs 220 /- pipe

Injection/pressure grouting – Rs 180/- nozzle.

Waterproofing coating – Rs 400/

Epoxy coating – Rs 800/- sq. mtr

GST applicable Extra

Water and electricity are to be provided free of cost.

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