Building Design And Drawings

Building Design And Drawings, A building or construction project necessitates a comprehensive set of specialised drawings. Whether building a custom home or building from a stock house plan, the working drawings will be the basis of your project. 

It is vital to understand what working drawings are, their uses, and what you require and do not in a set of working drawings for your home. An architect designs and prepares various types of drawings with his team of surveyors and engineers.

Among the many services we provide are lighting, power and electrical distribution, telephone and data wiring, fire alarms and HVAC.

The local building department reviews the drawings for required permits and approvals. Contractors, joiners, plumbers, electricians, and automation engineers refer to these drawings for their respective jobs.

What kinds of drawings are necessary for a construction project?

The list of drawings required for construction includes engineering, architectural, technical, as-built, and shop drawings.

1.   Engineering drawings.

Drawings are schematic representations of a component made to serve in the construction or help in the invention of the item described.

Engineering drawings describe civil engineering projects such as bridges, highways, and dams.

2.   Architectural drawings

Architectural drawings include all the drawings or diagrams used in the design and construction. It also helps in the documentation and approvals of buildings or other structures.  It is also known as a blueprint of the project.

As well as showing the overall appearance of a structure, the drawings may also include measurements and other construction details.

We can provide you with the following Working Drawings.

  • Site Plan and Site Plan Working Drawings
  • Construction and Architectural Details
  • Elevations – Elevations are scaled views of the home’s exterior. This section contains information about the roof slope, ceiling heights, exterior finishes, and other topographical details.
  • Floor Plans – A horizontal cross-section of the floor plan will display all the rooms, windows, and doors.
  • Foundation Plan – All of the crucial information for the structural support features are in the foundation plan.
  • Section Views – Section views will provide fine details about numerous construction and design elements.
  • Roof Framing Plan – These will provide precise and detailed information about the roof’s structural parts.
  • Electrical Plans – Illustrates a complete list of all electrical fixtures.
  • Detailed Plumbing Diagrams – Illustrates a complete list of all plumbing lines and fixtures.

3.   As-built drawings.

As-built architectural drawings show alterations made during construction and the variations between the original design versus the finished structure. For example, where there is no previous design drawing, measured drawings are made after the project completion.

4.  Technical drawing.

It is a graphic representation of lines and symbols that adhere to fixed scale and projection norms. These are as per standards in architecture, construction, engineering, or mapping.

5. Shop Drawing

Engineers and architects do not prepare shop drawings as part of their contract with the owner. The shop drawing is the manufacturer’s or contractor’s hand-drawn version of the information shown in the construction documents.

Contractors develop shop drawings for fabricators to create specified components. Typically, the shop drawing contains more detail than the construction documents. It is to explain to the production crew the fabrication manufacturer of the items. The style of the shop drawing differs from that of the architect’s drawing.

HAVC Systems

Usually, for prefabricated components, detailed drawings are required. Elevators, prefab gates, trusses, cabinets, HAVC systems, and automation are a few examples.

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Building Design And Drawings

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A set of working drawings contains a lot of information, but they don’t need to be any more complicated than they are.

Our team is happy to assist you if you have any further questions about the working drawings for your new home or any other questions.