Epoxy Floor Coatings

We have epoxy floor coat systems suitable for all types of FLOORS. This is hygienic, jointless, hard-wearing, aesthetic, economical and easy to install. We deal with epoxy coatings of Bostik Make, which are manufactured as per Intl. standards & certifications.

Floor coatings are often suggested for residential apartments, office complexes, sports complexes, Shopping Malls, Industrial Warehouse, factory industrial floors, Parking structures, and packaging facilities.

Epoxy Flooring Works Kerala

Epoxy coatings are one of the latest and stylish uprising trends in flooring coatings systems. Various types of epoxy styles and systems have become popular in residential and commercial flooring options.  Many commercial sectors have taken up epoxy resin as their main flooring option.

Its physical and aesthetical properties are the main driving factors for customers desiring epoxy resin for their floors.

The main highlights of epoxy floorings are as follows.

  • High durability
  • Slip-resistant
  • Acid and Alkaline resistance
  • Highly decorative
  • Attractive

Epoxy resin has a unique ability to transform an antique, and unappealing flooring into a fascinating one. The epoxy coating not only proffers great aesthetics but also helps reinforce the existing substrate. This is by providing a protective layer and guarding the substrate against further eroding effects of the atmosphere.

For any existing floor that is damaged or deteriorated, an epoxy resin coating will protect the flooring effectively preserving or help in prolonging the floor’s life expectancy.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is made up of mainly two parts – a resin and a hardener. Which then mixed at the right proportions creating a chemical reaction that forms a strong, rigid plastic material, immune to wear and tear. It also bonds remarkably well to virtually any surface.

Epoxy flooring is composed of various layers of epoxy resin administered to the substrate floor. The different types of epoxy are applied at different depths to produce distinctive results.

The benefits of epoxy floor coatings can be seen instantaneously. Once the epoxy sets, it protects the surface from wear and tear, enhances slip and chemical resistance, improves aesthetics, and makes cleaning easy.

Surface Preparation for Epoxy Floor Coatings.

The prerequisites for good adhesion of the coating are cleanliness, roughness and dryness of the surface. Unless these are ensured by proper surface preparation, a successful performance can not be guaranteed.

The degree of dampness of the surface must be less than 4%. Iron and steel surfaces must be free from rust, scale, dust, grease and other impurities which can prevent adhesion. The best surface pre-treatment is through sandblasting to Sa 21/2.

In the case of concrete surfaces, they should be free from laitance and dust by sandblasting. If sandblasting is not possible, use thorough abrading with a hard wire brush, although it is not as efficient.

Alternatively, carry out acid etching using 1 part Hydrochloric acid with 2 parts water.

Brush-apply the solution liberally over the surface and leave it in contact for 15 minutes. Wash it off with plenty of water and then properly dry it with hot water.
The normal curing period for epoxy floor coatings is between 5 to 8 days, and normally thickness is around 200 microns after two coats.

Once the epoxy flooring resin sets it offers excellent chemical and heat resistance with extremely low shrinkage.

Where to use Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is ideal to use in areas which demand protection of industrial surfaces from wear and tear, chemicals, anti-slip, to protect facility surfaces, harmful chemicals, UV light, moisture and slip and fall accidents. It has lately become a popular flooring choice for common areas and garage flooring in residential apartments.

Epoxy flooring is great for:

  • Walls and floors
  • Interior or exterior
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Industrial areas
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Car parking
Epoxy Floor Coatings

Benefits of Epoxy Floor

  • Super Strong and Durable Material. It is a strong and durable coating meaning it lasts longer than other coatings. It will last a lifetime.
  • Wear and Tear Resistant. It is resistant to wear and tear and high levels of traffic load – both vehicle and foot
  • No Chemical Problems.Resistant to chemical and non-chemical spills and accidents. Chemicals will not degrade the floor coating in any way.
  • Safe for All. The floor is non-toxic and is safe for everyone.
  • Quick & Simple to Install. It is easy to install. It does not take a long time to install and the payoff is worth it.
  • Visually Appealing. You can customize the epoxy floor coating in a host of different shades and styles, even achieving 3-D epoxy floorings.
  • Easy to Clean. A simple mopping will remove most of the dirt and residues from epoxy flooring.
  • Eco FriendlyThanks for its strength, and ease of cleaning, once installed, epoxy floors are great for the environment.
  • Affordable. Worth the cost, epoxy floors are a one-time investment. Once installed, it will last a lifetime.

Epoxy Floor Coatings As Protective Coatings

Using epoxy coatings increases the life of concrete floors by protecting them from UV, moisture, foot traffic, and vehicle traffic. Special epoxy floor coatings, designed to protect and enhance the performance of concrete floors, prevent premature deterioration.

Epoxy floor coatings give a hard-wearing chemically resistant decorative finish to floors without further increasing the load on the structure. Resin floor coatings incorporate a wide range of epoxies, polyurethane and acrylic sealers – all available with smooth or anti-slip finishes.

We have different solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. If you need help with epoxy flooring options send us a message via our Contact Form, and we’ll get back as soon as we can.