Epoxy Industrial Floor Coatings

Epoxy Industrial Floor Coatings are usually harder than polyurethanes, also they have a higher compressive and impact strength. These properties make them used fully in heavy-duty facilities.

We provide epoxy flooring coating with chemical resistance, ensuring protection and seamless, uniform levelling on concrete surfaces.

We specialise in coatings for industries and manufacturing facilities that demand industrial-strength flooring that endures serious abuse, is chemical-resistant and is easy to clean. Anti-skid / Anti-Slip industrial floor paints are also done by us.

Uses of Epoxy Industrial Floor Coatings: Areas

Epoxy floorings suit industries like automobile factories, pharmaceuticals, warehouses, and facilities with heavy forklift traffic, including aircraft hangars.

We ensure that the material we use to offer these services protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation.

This type of coating also reduces the amount of light required in the facility thereby cutting down on electricity bills.

Our industrial floor coat can be used in a wide range of settings, including (but not limited to):

Areas Of Application

  • Automobile industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Automobile showroom & workshops
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Food processing industries
  • Health care centre
  • Chemical industries
  • Fertilizer industries
  • IT industries
  • Electronic Industries

We deliver quality services and excellent results through the usage of the latest technologies and successful epoxy flooring methods for our customers. We know that the foundation of every quality floor coating project is in the prep work.

KJA&SONS will go the extra mile to ensure that you have the ideal surface for our floor coat to adhere to.

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Epoxy floors stand out as a superior flooring option compared to polyurethanes due to their inherent toughness, boasting higher compressive and impact strength.

These exceptional properties make epoxy floors the go-to choice for heavy-duty facilities where durability and stability are paramount. Our expertise lies in the application of epoxy floor coats, offering not only the unmatched strength of epoxy but also a seamless, uniform surface on concrete that is both protective and visually appealing.

Our specialization centres on providing coats tailored to industries and manufacturing facilities with strict requirements.

These facilities demand industrial-strength flooring that can withstand substantial wear and tear, possess chemical resistance, and facilitate easy maintenance. In addition to epoxy floors, we also excel in applying anti-skid and anti-slip industrial floor paints, providing safety in the workplace.

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