Cost Of Water-Proofing Materials

Description and Approximate cost of waterproofing materials of Fosroc, and Bostik which are used in used in civil construction works.

Common Water-Proofing Materials

These are also used widely in Concrete and plastering repair works. We are one of the renowned waterproofing experts in Kochi. We can execute waterproofing projects in and around Kerala with guaranteed results. 

Conbextra GP 2  Conbextra GP2 is used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static and dynamic loads. Typical applications would be the grouting of base plates of turbines, compressors, boiler feed pumps etc., It can also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings. These include masts, anchor bolts and fence posts.1 Bag700.00 
Brush Bond   Brushbond powder grey effectively protects against concrete decay providing a long-lasting barrier to waterborne corrosive salts and atmospheric gases.Brushbond powder grey is designed to re-face and even out variations in concrete and masonry surfaces.Brushbond powder grey effectively seals concrete masonry walls and bridges the shrinkage cracks which are static. Brushbond powder grey provides a tough and durable coating which cannot be easily damaged or worn away.1 Unit2500.00 
Brush Bond TGP  Brushbond TGP* crystalline waterproofing system is used for waterproofing against the positive or negative sides of hydrostatic heads of water, for damp proofing, repairing cracks, plugging holes, healing wall-floor joints and stopping active leaks in a wide variety of conditions.1 Bag1700.00 
Brush Bond RFX  Brushbond RFX is suitable for all types of structures including those in coastal environments. High performance elastomeric cementitious coating used for waterproofing and to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen & water.5 Kg2800.00 
Nitrobond SBR  For modifying and improving bonding of floor toppings, renderings and mortars; repair of worn,  damaged and spalled concrete, repair of large cracks; polymer modified floor creeds; waterproof plasters for masonry and slurries.1 Litre500.00 
Polyurethane Sealant Application of Polyurethane SealantPer RM250.00 
APP modified membrane Application of APP modified membranePer Sqft90.00 
Pidifin 2K Brush applied waterproofing coating for balconies, small terraces, wet areas & ledges 3 Kgs868.00 
Proofcote ElastomericDilutable, brush applied, aliphatic acrylic coating for external surfaces.   
Proofcote Black Polymer modified bituminous elastomeric waterproof coating for AC roofs,sunken portions of toilets & below ground areas0.5 Kgs 639.00 
Pidicrete URP SBR latex for waterproofing & repairs.1.0 Kgs 610.00 
 Super LatexSBR latex for waterproofing & repairs. 0.5 Kgs520.00 
 Repellin WRSiliconate based,clear,water repellent for exterior brick, stone masonry surfaces & plastered walls. 10 Ltrs3649.00 
Dampguard Dampproof coating for internal walls, ceilings & RCC water tanks0.5 Kgs 639.00 
Powder waterproof Integral powder waterproofing compound for plaster & concrete0.5 Kgs 29.00 
 Pidicrete MPBAcrylic bonding agent1.0 Kg 610.00 
 FlexshieldEPDM based water proofing membrane   
Torchshield APP/SBS modified Bitumen based, heavy duty membrane for water proofing of large terrace, roof garden & other critical areas 1 x 10 mtrs3790.00 
Krystalline Cementitious crystalline concrete waterproofing 0.5 Kgs639.00 
Dampfree Siliconate injection grout for rising dampness in brick masonry  0.5 Kgs  639.00 
Epoxy injection Grout water insensitive, two part epoxy based injection grout  1.0 Kg575.00 
Pidicrete AM Expansive plasticising admixture & grouting aid for cementitious grouts 0.225 Ml600.00 
 Micro ConcreteFlowable mortar for repairs to damaged reinforced concrete members25 Kgs 450.00 
Polymer Mortar PX Two part structural grade polymer modified mortar for repairs25 Kgs 450.00 
 Polymer Mortar HBReady to use structural grade high build polymer modified mortar for repairs 25 Kgs   
 Epoxy Zinc PrimerFor cathodic protection to rebars & steel surfaces   
Epoxy Bonding Agent Two part solvent free epoxy based bonding agent 1 Kg3894.00 
Repair Mortar Epoxy mortar for RCC members & floor repairs 1 Kgs3000.00 
Coal Tar Epoxy Coal tar epoxy coating for concrete surfaces 5 Kgs1158.00 
PU Cleaner Cleaning solvent/agent for cleaning tools/pumps used with PU injections   
PU Injection 1403 High performance very low viscous PU Injection grout designed for sealing cracks in dry and wet areas    
Drip seal Two-component high-grade low viscosity,Pu injection form resin for sealing water bearing cracks,cavities and leakages   
 PU Foam Injection 150Two-component high-grade low viscosity,Pu injection form resin for sealing water-bearing cracks,cavities and leakages   
 Fisher FIS EMTwo Component adhesive anchoring system1 Kgs2000.00 

Our speciality is in waterproofing old and new buildings with PU grouting and other protective membrane coatings which suit your needs or will help you solve your leak problems.  Leaking proofing increases the life of your buildings.

Building materials price and cost in Kerala. 

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With a proven track record in Kerala, our waterproofing services provide long-lasting solutions for residential and commercial properties.

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