Documents required for Building Permits

Documents required for Building Permits, The Following is the List of documents to be submitted for obtaining building permits in and around Kochi corporation limits, which also may apply to all other districts in Kerala.

Once you have submitted the following documents they will be checked and verified by respective authorised personnel.

  • Reference Receipt received online ( In Case of Online Application )
  • Affix Court Fee Stamp of Rs 5 on the Online Application Receipt.
  • Application form
  • Latest Tax Receipt
  • Possession  Certificate
  • Ownership document/ Title deed
  • Site plan  
  • Service plan  
  • Building plans  
  • Undertaking from architect/ engineer
  • License Certificate copy
  • PDF drawing generated after drawing verification 1 copy

In Addition, to the above documents, the following data is also required to fill up the application form for a building permit. 

  • Owners full Address, with Post Office details
  • Road Name and Road width 
  • Nearest Building No:
  • Nearest Electric Post No:

Procedures for obtaining a Building permit are ultimately decided by the concerned Local Governing bodies. Hence, for further clarification always contact your local certification body Panchayath / Municipality / Corporation.etc.