How To Apply For Building Permit In Kerala

How To Apply For Building Permit In Kerala, A building permit is the mandatory approval document needed to build a building in Kerala. Securing building permits in Kerala is an orderly process if rightly done it will be a smooth process.

What steps do you need to take to obtain a building permit?

Property Sketch– The very first stage is to purchase a plot that you prefer and construct the building of your dreams.

We strongly advise consulting your Architect before acquiring the plot since he can give you many valuable inputs concerning the particular plot and the feasibility of constructing a building.

After verifying the relevant land documents and completing the land purchase, draw a site plan covering the essential points listed below.

Building Permit

  • Site Layout
  • Building elevation
  • Sections
  • Site plan (plot width, setbacks, Roads)
  • Floor plan (Showing all floors)
  • Terrace plan
  • Details of the Septic Tank
  • Details Soak pit
  • Details of Portable Water Tanks
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Location plan

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In brief, it shall comply with the Kerala Municipality Building Rules (KMBR) or according to the laws of the Authority under which your property comes.

An application for a building permit in Kerala should contain the below listed supplementary details.

Site location – including details of Village/Taluk/District, survey number and resurvey no of the property, ward number, extent (in arcs and cents) etc.

Purpose of the proposed building – Whether it will be used for residential or commercial applications.

Area of the Proposed building – Calculate the total area, coverage, FAR (Floor Area Ratio – the ratio of total floor area to plot area), plinth, and carpet area for all floors, including the car porch.

Drawings -Prepare an index list of all submitted drawings and documents, including scale, total sheets, date, draftsman/architect names, permit area, joinery schedule, etc.

Property Documents Required For Obtaining the Building Permit?

Possession certificate

A possession certificate is issued through Akshaya centres. You need to upload supporting documents such as an Aadhaar Card, the latest land tax receipts, proof of property ownership, an Encumbrance certificate, and a voter’s ID.

Once the prescribed fees are paid the certificate will be issued to you in a week.

Latest Land Tax Receipts

The revenue department issues the property tax receipt after you submit the proper documents and pay the fees. For land tax receipts one can likewise visit the online portal of the Revenue Department of Kerala.

Original and Copy of the Deed Or “Aadharam”

Registration papers are enough to prove the ownership of your property.

The next process involves obtaining online approval from the local self-governing body under whose jurisdiction you belong. (Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation).

A licensee (Architect, a licenced draftsman or a licenced engineer) can submit a building permit application for a building permit in the prescribed format through the relevant local self-governing body’s website.

Submission of Hard copy Building Permit application (licensee)

Once the licensee completes the e-filing for the building permit, we will issue an acknowledgement certificate.

Along with this acknowledgement certificate, make hard copies of various papers into a file and submit them to the local self-governing body office promptly.

List of documents for a Building permit application.

  • Possession certificate original
  • Latest land tax receipts
  • Copy of the “Aadharam”
  • Land sketch – (3 copies)
  • Copy of Architect’s or Licensee’s licence
  • On-line acknowledgement certificate

Once the file containing these documents is submitted to the local self-governing body. We will verify the relevant original documents and then issue you a file number for your application.

Building Inspector’s Site Inspection and Verification

The assigned building inspector(BI) will visit your property and verify the authenticity of the data provided via your application and later submit a detailed report to the assistant engineer (AE).

Verification by the AE(assistant engineer)

The AE will then conduct another round of verification and submit the report with his remarks to the assistant executive engineer (AXE).

Approval of the application

The assistant executive engineer has the liberty to approve or reject the application. For larger buildings like shopping complexes and other commercial buildings, there will be more rigorous checks and would require further approvals. The rules differ from type to type and classification of buildings.

Fee payment and the issue of Building Permit

Once the attestations are done and approval is given for the applications that fulfil the criteria. You then pay the prescribed fees and receive the requested building permit, typically sent to your registered address.

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You may save the image to use as a checklist.