UPVC Windows and Doors Prices in Kerala

UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which is the base material used for making UPVC Doors And Windows. The cost/price of UPVC windows and doors is highly dependent upon the quantity in which each item is required. 

However, the advantages of these UPVC Doors and windows make them ever in demand.

Advantages Of UPVC

UPVC, unlike traditional Wooden or aluminium windows and doors, are not susceptible to environmental changes, like temperature and humidity. In other words, it has a negligible amount of contraction and expansion value.

The UPVC Windows cost is as follows. In most cases, we decide the prices for UPVC windows and doors after visiting the site. We provide the approximate cost below for rough calculation.


Type Of DesignWidth In MMHeight In MMArea In SqftTotal Cost with GSTRate / Sqft
 Window Single Shutter Open60015009.6910211.721053.84
Window Two  Shutter Open1000120012.9214370.041112.23
Window Two  Shutter Open1200150019.3817139.50884.39
Window Three Shutter Open1800150029.0624119.2829.98
Side French Windows – 2T2P1000120012.9212159.90941.17
Side French Windows – 2T2P1200150019.3814639.08755.37
Side French Windows – 2T2P2000150032.2918618.04576.59
Side French Windows – 2T2P2000170036.6023556.34643.62
Side French Windows – 3T3P3000150048.4428427.38586.86
Side Door 2T2P1800220042.6327586.04647.10
Side Door 2T2P2400220056.8331474.14553.83
Side Door 3T3P2100220049.7336460.82733.18
Side Door 3T3P3000220071.0442403.30596.89
Standard Door1000220023.6824762.301045.71
2 Shutter    Standard Door 2000220047.3645447.70959.62

The following are some advantages of the UPVC Doors & Windows

  • Keep out Noise,
  • Protection from Dust,
  • High water integrity which can withstand high wind speeds and Rain,
  • Escape from Pollution
  • Reduces Energy Costs for cooling and heating

Unlike traditional doors and windows, these come in different styles which means that many options are there to choose from. ie, Colours, Glass, Handles, Mesh & Grills, Trims. Individuals can opt for various types according to their specific applications.

Type of UPVC doors range from traditional sliding and casement designs to modern open and fold systems, lift-and-slide, internal and designer door designs are some of the other options available for clients to choose from.

UPVC windows and doors are extremely durable and maintenance-free. These are ideal for homes, offices and commercial establishments.

You can custom-manufacture UPVC windows and doors according to individual site conditions and measurements. Many brands and quality materials are available in the market to choose from.

Depending on the size of the aperture, wind load, insulation requirement and design requirements UPVC windows prices may vary.

UPVC doors and windows are strong enough to make your home safe from external natural elements as well as from burglars.

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