Property Valuation Services

Property Valuation Services, KJA & Sons provides a variety of professional building valuation services to end customers. Valuation is required when someone plans to buy or sell a property, Assess the tax of a property or determine the rent of a property.

Valuation is the technique of estimating or determining the fair price or value of a property such as Land, building, factory or other engineering structures of various types.  Valuation defines the present value of any property. You can determine a property’s present value by its selling price, income, or potential rent.

Valuation of building mainly depends on the type of building, its structure and durability, the location, size, shape, width of the roadway, quality of material used in the construction and present-day price of materials.

Depending on the locality, if it is in the market area which has a higher value than the Residential area and on the specification/amenities which come with the buildings. Determining the value of the building involves calculating its construction cost at present-day rates and factoring in suitable depreciation.

Valuations are also done in the following scenarios:

  • Buying or selling of property
  • Security of loans or mortgage
  • Compulsory acquisition by law
  • Insurance
  • To calculate Gross income
  • Scrape value
  • Market value
  • Book value
  • Rateable value
  • Depreciation
  • Obsolescence
  • Depreciation Obsolescence
  • Valuation of real property

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