Renovation of Building

Y's Mens club of Cochin

Renovation of Building, The Y’s Men’s Club Cochin, a historic two-story building, had long grappled with the challenges of its low-lying basement areas, which rendered it susceptible to flooding during monsoon rains and high tides. Renovation of Y’s Men’s Club Cochin: A Remarkable Transformation by KJASons® However, KJASons®’s diligent efforts transformed this structural adversity into … Read more

Renovation of a Residential Building

Renovation Project

Renovation of a Residential Building, KJASons®, a name synonymous with quality and timeliness, recently completed an impressive project that exemplifies our commitment to excellence in home construction and renovation. Project Overview: Remarkable Transformation by KJASons® The project involved structural changes and aesthetic enhancements, resulting in a complete transformation of the property. Here are the details … Read more

Building Construction & Renovation

Building Construction Renovation Work

Building Construction & Renovation, This represents one of our latest renovation projects undertaken by our building construction company. Specifically, it involves the partial reconstruction of a house located in Palluruthy, Kochi, encompassing an area totalling approximately 2000 sqft, which includes the car porch. From helping you identify the most suitable renovation approach to finalizing the … Read more

How To Renovate Your House 

How To Renovate Your House KJASons®

Renovating a house is an interesting project and since a lot of money is involved in the project detailed planning is necessary. In some projects, the main agenda is to discover the original features hidden underneath the paint and dust and restore them to their former glory. And sometimes it will be extending and rebuilding … Read more

Building Renovation

Building Renovation KJASons®

Renovation is the art of transforming an existing building into a modern Building, both in looks and facilities. Renovation of a home is an exciting project, and because it involves a significant amount of money, careful planning is required. Some projects will involve uncovering hidden original features beneath layers of paint and dust, which we … Read more

Rates For Demolition Of Buildings

Rates For Demolition Of Buildings

Rates For Demolition Of Buildings, Building demolition is an important element that is regularly encountered during the construction and renovation of buildings. Old structures are demolished, to build new buildings in their place. Following are the general procedures for the Demolition of a Building. (1) Site Inspection. (2) Methods of Demolition. In some cases, even … Read more

How to Transform Weak Fountation Of Building Into Strong.

How to Transform Weak Fountation of Building into Strong

How to Transform Weak Fountation Of Building Into Strong., The foundation of a building is more than just a structural element; it is the bedrock upon which the entire edifice stands. Over time, soil settlement, water infiltration, and poor construction can weaken foundations, endangering structure stability and safety. The transformation ofHow to Transform Weak Fountation … Read more

Roof Water Proofing Works

Water Proofing

Roof Water Proofing Works is the process of making an object or structure impervious to water or other liquids. Roof waterproofing is the application of a material to the roof of a building to protect it from weathering and water damage. There are several methods for waterproofing a roof, including coating the roof with asphalt, … Read more