Koi Pond Maintenance

Koi Pond Filter Set Up @ Bangalore 

Koi Pond Filter Set Up @ Bangalore 

This captivating Koi fish pond was meticulously designed by Architect Ashok Dutta, the principal architect at Studio Decode in Bangalore. Nestled within the serene confines of Paramount Gardens, Jyotipuram, Bengaluru, this Koi fish pond serves as the centrepiece of attraction at Whattay Kitchen and Brew. Koi Fish Pond Setup in Bangalore, Karnataka Construction of this … Read more

Koi Pond Maintenance and Water Quality Management

Koi Pond Maintenance And Water Quality Management

No pond is maintenance-free, regardless of how well it is designed. At KJA & Sons® Pond Services, we take pride in being India’s leading koi fish pond designers and builders. To explore the comprehensive range of services we offer, visit our pond service website or give us a call. Our Koi Fish ponds are meticulously … Read more