The Process


Permit Application

Fill out the application forms with accurate project details, including the scope of work, project cost, property information and necessary drawings.


Plan Review & Approval

The building department will review your application and plans to ensure they comply with local rules. They may require you to make revisions and resubmit it multiple times. Once your plans are approved, you will receive the building permit.


Fee & Permit Issuance

After meeting requirements and paying fees, the building department will issue a permit. The permit contains information about permitted work, required inspections, and expiration dates.

When Is a Building Permit Required?:

A building permit is typically required for various construction, renovation, or alteration projects, especially those that involve new construction, structural changes, or modifications to existing buildings.

The specific requirements for building permits can vary significantly by location, so it’s crucial to consult with your local building department to determine when a permit is necessary for your specific project to ensure compliance with safety codes and zoning regulations.

At KJASons®, we take pride in our extensive experience when it comes to procuring building permits.

Our seasoned team is dedicated to streamlining these critical aspects of construction, making sure that your project progresses smoothly and in full compliance with local regulations and safety standards.

Documents required for Building Permits

Documents required for Building Permits

Following is the List of documents to be submitted for obtaining building permits in and around Kochi corporation limits, which also may apply to all other districts in Kerala. Once you have submitted the following documents they will be checked and verified by respective authorised personnel. In Addition, to the above documents, the following data is also … Read more
How To Apply For Building Permit In Kerala

How To Apply For Building Permit In Kerala

A building permit is the mandatory approval document needed to build a building in Kerala. Securing building permits in Kerala is an orderly process if rightly done it will be a smooth process. What are the necessary steps involved in the process of obtaining a building permit? Following are the necessary steps involved in the … Read more