Location Of Vacuum Points

The location of vacuum points in a swimming pool is a crucial aspect of pool design and maintenance. 

Strategically place vacuum points, also known as skimmer boxes or inlets, as openings for pool cleaning equipment to connect and maintain water clarity by removing debris.

Here’s a closer look at the significance of vacuum point placement:

Efficient Cleaning

Properly positioned vacuum points ensure efficient cleaning of the entire pool. They should be strategically located to allow for complete coverage of the pool’s surface, walls, and floor.

This helps remove dirt, leaves, and other debris, keeping the pool clean and inviting.

Water Circulation

Vacuum points also contribute to water circulation in the pool.

They, in conjunction with other pool circulation systems like skimmers and return jets, ensure filtering, sanitizing, and evenly distributing water throughout the pool.


Vacuum points should be easily accessible for pool maintenance. Install them around the pool’s perimeter to conveniently attach pool cleaning equipment.

Accessibility ensures that pool cleaning can be done regularly without obstacles or challenges.

Aesthetic Considerations

The placement of vacuum points should also take into account the pool’s aesthetics. Position them discreetly to minimize their visual impact on the pool’s overall design.

Some pool owners choose decorative covers or lids to blend vacuum points seamlessly with the pool’s surroundings.

Consult Professionals

Leave the task of determining the optimal location for vacuum points in your pool to pool design and maintenance professionals.

Location Of Vacuum Points

We have the expertise to assess your pool’s specific layout and requirements to ensure that vacuum points are strategically placed for effective cleaning and circulation.

For any questions related to the location of vacuum points in your swimming pool or for expert guidance on pool design and maintenance, KJASons® are the professionals to consult. 

Our experience in pool equipment and installation can help you make informed decisions to maintain a clean, inviting, and well-circulated swimming pool.