Multiport Valve Positions

Multiport valves are essential components of pool and spa filtration systems, allowing you to control the flow of water and perform various functions. 

These valves have multiple positions, each serving a specific purpose in managing your pool or spa.

Here’s an overview of the common multiport valve positions:


The “Filter” position directs water through the filter medium (such as sand, DE, or cartridge) for regular filtration. T

his is the standard setting for everyday pool operation, where water is filtered to remove impurities and debris.


When your filter medium becomes clogged with debris and pressure increases, the “Backwash” position is used.

In this mode, water flows backwards through the filter, flushing out accumulated dirt and debris, which is then expelled from the waste line.


After backwashing, it’s essential to “Rinse” the filter briefly to settle the filter media. This position flushes any remaining debris out of the system and ensures that clean water flows back into the pool.


The “Waste” position bypasses the filter entirely, sending water directly to the waste line.

This is useful for lowering the pool water level, removing excessive debris, or addressing water quality issues when you don’t want the water to re-enter the pool.


In the “Closed” position, water flow to and from the pool is entirely shut off. This is used when you need to perform maintenance on the filter, make repairs, or close the pool for an extended period.


The “Recirculate” setting bypasses the filter but returns water to the pool. This is used when you want to circulate water without filtering it, which can help add chemicals or distribute heated water.


Some multiport valves have a “Winterize” or “Off” position. This setting is used when you’re preparing the pool for winter and want to ensure that no water enters the filter system during the off-season.

Multiport Valve Positions

Properly understanding and using these multiport valve positions is crucial for maintaining your pool or spa’s water quality and equipment. 

If you have any questions about multiport valve positions, and their functions, or need assistance with pool equipment, KJASons® are the professionals to consult. 

Our expertise in pool maintenance and equipment can provide valuable guidance and ensure the efficient operation of your pool or spa filtration system.

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