Filters For Swimming Pools

When you are planning for a pool before the phase of construction you should determine the type of filter you would want to use. Each type has its drawbacks and benefits and each has a different price point, useful filter life and unique cleaning aspects.

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A swimming pool filter plays a vital role in keeping the water clean and sparkling. It also maintains the pool’s hygiene level making it safe for you to swim in. Without a pool filter, dirt and debris will not only make their way into the pool but will also remain in it.

This can lead to health problems for those who use the pool and will also add to the potential for algae growth in the water.

Types Of Filters:

There are many types of swimming pool filters/ filtration systems available in the market such as sand, cartridge, and DE (Diatomaceous Earth). The main function of a pool water filter is to trap contaminants and particulates in the water and hold them within the filter.

Then, the system pushes the clean water back into the swimming pool. Regular intervals should see to the removal of trapped contaminants through backwashing.

The suitability of a filter for a pool can have more to do with the size of the filter, than with the type. Always go at least one size larger than you require.

Cartridge Pool Filters:

For small ground or above-ground pools and spas with small water volumes to turn over, it’s one of the best choices. Typically, manufacturers make filter cartridges from spun polyester. There is no backwash system for cartridge filters. The filters should be cleaned at least every four to six months. Ideally, when the clean pressure gauge increases its reading by more than 8-10 lbs or (0.5 – 0.6 Bar) it is time to clean the cartridge.

The process is easy, all one has to do is remove and flush down the cartridge with a garden hose. Let the cleaned filter cartridge dry thoroughly in the sun so that all the microbes die off.

Soaking the cartridge in a TSP (trisodium-phosphate) or similar cleaning solution prior to hosing will improve your cleaning. The filter cartridge should be replaced after 10 -18 cleaning cycles for best results.

Sand Pool Filters:

Sand filters are the simplest of filter types that are available to pool owners. There’s literally no need to inspect the inside of a sand filter periodically. Cleaning/backwashing is easy and is facilitated by means of a multiport valve and auto backwash system. This is also available in the market.

In a sand pool filter (#20 silica sand; 45 – 55 mm), specially treated and graded sand serves as the main filter medium, trapping particles in the 10 – 100-micron range. The sand filters are connected to a pump with a pre-filter which takes the suction from the main drains.

Pool sand filters are known to have the lowest maintenance out of the three types of pool filters. If you maintain and backwash the tank at regular intervals, as indicated by the clean pressure gauge, you may only need to open up the tank every 3 years or so.

A sand filter can be the perfect choice for a pool owner who wants value, simplicity, and durability.

Diatomaceous Earth Swimming Pool Filters (DE):

DE pool filters have the best filtration of all the pool filter types, they can filter or trap particles up to 3 microns. DE powder is what does the filtering. The powder is added through the skimmers, which coats the filter fabric/fine mesh-covered grid.

The water first passes through the powder, then it passes through the fabric-covered grid, and finally, it traps the dirt in the DE powder “cake” or coating.

DE pool filters are more expensive and have a bit of higher maintenance than other filter types, but they produce great results.

DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth, which are the microscopic skeletons of Diatoms, an ancient sub-aquatic creature. Under the microscope, Diatoms and perlite appear to be tiny sponges. This is where the dirt, oil and contaminants become trapped in your filter, within the powder.


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