Koi Pond Filter Set Up @ Trichur

Koi Pond Filter Set Up @ Trichur, In the tranquil surroundings of Pudukad, Trichur, Kerala, a magnificent Koi fish pond has taken shape, becoming a centrepiece of its residence.

This unique Koi pond integrates a small vertical garden, effectively managing excess nutrients produced by elegant Japanese Koi fish.

Creating a Stunning Koi Fish Pond with Expert Setup in Trichur

Designed for eight beautiful 24-inch Japanese Koi fish, this pond holds 10 M3 of water, including the Biofilter’s capacity.

The client conceived the pond’s design, while we undertook the supply and installation of the filtration system, complete with UV and MultiCyclone filters.

The pond’s construction utilizes reinforced concrete (RCC) with 8 mm rebar for added strength and durability. A smooth layer of fine cement is applied to the inner surface, facilitating the growth of beneficial algae.

This Koi pond’s design prioritizes minimal water loss during filter backwashing while fostering a conducive environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive.

The integral filtration system includes key components:

  1. Multi Cyclone System: Equipped with an efficient drain mechanism.
  2. Biological Bed Filter: Promoting natural water treatment.
  3. Water Blade Aerator: Enhancing water quality with air infusion.
  4. UV Water Clarifier (80 watts): Keeping algae growth in check and water sterilization.

The main filter pump boasts variable speed functionality, allowing for adaptable flow rates to meet specific filtration requirements. A home automation system allows for remote monitoring of the filtration system from anywhere in the world.

Mechanical systems efficiently remove dirt and fish debris, returning clean water to the pond via a small water blade. A portion of the filtered water undergoes natural treatment within the biofilter chamber, courtesy of beneficial bacteria.

This setup maintains an energy-efficient profile, consuming only 200 watts, including the motor and UV unit. Cleaning the pond is a breeze, taking no more than 10 minutes.

Koi Fish Pond Koi Pond Set Up @ Trichur 1

Filter Systems

The mechanical filtration system is anchored by a multi-cyclone setup, offering variable flow rates spanning from 2.5 M3/Hr to 18 M3/Hr. It features a quick-drain valve, requiring just 2 to 5 litres of water for cleaning.

Nestled alongside the car porch, this Koi fish pond forms an essential part of the landscape. It serves as an idyllic space where our clients and their guests can relish the presence of their pet Koi fish flourishing in pristine water conditions.

Beyond its functional aspects, this Koi fish pond transforms into a serene, scenic pot for our clients to unwind.

It’s important to note that Koi fish ponds differ significantly from water gardens, demanding regular care and maintenance, including water testing and filter backwashing.

The Koi Pond Filter biological filtration process commenced with the use of an API pond starter kit, followed by the introduction of test fishes. Regular water quality checks confirmed optimal conditions, with all parameters falling within the normal range.

The addition of Koi fishes took place after a thorough quarantine period in a separate tank, as we highly recommend. Adequate aeration is ensured through a high-pressure air compressor delivering 60 LPH output, maintaining optimal oxygen levels.

For those interested in creating their own Koi fish pond, Koi Pond Filter and acquiring high-quality Koi fish, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to turn your Koi Pond dreams into a beautiful reality.