Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up @ Kottakal

Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up @ Kottakal, Kerala, boasts a tranquil pond teeming with breathtaking Koi fish. These vibrant fish not only lend aesthetic appeal but also play a vital role in maintaining the pond’s ecological balance by absorbing excess nutrients.

Koi fish ponds offer an enchanting and pristine habitat for these captivating creatures. Beyond their ornamental value, this Koi fish pond serves as both a functional and serene space for our clientele.

The pond, designed for 35 Koi, each 80 cm long, holds 45 cubic meters of water, demonstrating meticulous planning. The construction phase spanned approximately 9 months.

Reinforced concrete, with 8 mm reinforcements, forms the pond’s structure, while premium imported handmade tiles adorn the interior. We securely affix these tiles to the plastered RCC shell using high-grade algae-resistant epoxy.

Upper surface of the pond also adorned with top-notch imported handmade tiles, affixed to the RCC shell with reinforced cement.

Our filtration system includes:

  • Hydro Cyclone system with automatic backwash
  • High Surface Area Biological filter and media
  • Air Diffusers
  • Bottom drain with backwash
  • UV water clarifier (380 watts)

Thanks to our diligent filtration system, water parameters consistently remain within the normal range, maintaining a pH level between 7.5 to 8.5. The Biofiltration pump, coupled with the UV water clarifier system, operates for 15 hours daily.

  • Mechanical systems require only 5-7 hours of daily operation to efficiently eliminate accumulated debris and fish waste.
  • To ensure optimal oxygen levels, a high-pressure air compressor delivers 260 litres per minute of aeration for the pond.
  • The UV water clarifier effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses, improving water clarity and controlling algae growth. This efficient system significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Maintenance is kept to a minimum. Aside from weekly pond scrubbing, backwashing and cleaning the filter system take no more than 15 minutes.
  • Koi fish thrive in a pristine aquatic environment, so routine cleaning and water testing are essential to detect any water quality issues early on.
  • Our mechanical filtration system incorporates a high-capacity Hydro-cyclone system with a quick drain valve, requiring only 2 to 10 litres of water for backwashing, effectively removing suspended waste particles.
  • Temperature readings are closely monitored using floating thermometers, maintaining a favourable range of 22.5 to 24 degrees Celsius day and night.

Well-designed Koi ponds differ from typical gardens, requiring minimal maintenance. Focus on water testing and filter backwashing ensures optimal conditions.

A comprehensive maintenance schedule, describing water tests and level adjustments, is provided in written form for our customers.

During the initial setup, we introduced 45,000 litres of treated water to the Koi pond, along with the necessary pond water conditioner and de-chlorinator. After deeming chlorine levels safe, we stocked the biofilter with a predetermined quantity of filter media and added API’s Quick Pond Start to initiate its function.

Microblift phosphate controller and clean and care products were added to ensure proper cycling.

After a two-week settling period, we introduced over 30 high-quality imported Koi fish, each measuring more than 45 centimetres, to the pond.

We recommend quarantining new fish in a separate tank for at least one week and helping a PP Bath or Salt bath with the appropriate chemical concentration before presenting them to the main Koi fish pond. This protection minimizes the risk of infections and potential mortality.

For those interested in creating their own Koi fish haven or seeking design and construction services, feel free to contact us! You can also access instructive videos on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

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