Redox / ORP Meters Available for Sale in Kerala, India

Introduction to ORP Measurement

Oxidation and Reduction Potential (ORP) is the parameter used to gauge the cleanliness of water. It is quantified in millivolts (mV). Among the fundamental water quality tests, pH, ORP, TDS, and Conductivity are routinely employed by various industries relying on water as their primary medium.

Wide Range of Applications

These industries span a broad spectrum, encompassing water treatment plants, aquaculture, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, Koi fish ponds, fish culture ponds, swimming pools, and many more.

Our Offerings

We offer accurate and cost-effective Redox / ORP meters crafted from durable ABS plastic with replaceable probes. These meters are suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Importance of ORP Readings

The values or readings obtained from an ORP meter are indicative of water purity. Given that water quality affects everything that utilizes it, obtaining accurate readings is of paramount importance.

Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Koi Fish Ponds

In the context of Koi fish ponds, the minimum dissolved oxygen levels should be approximately 5.0 milligrams per liter, with an ideal range of 7 to 8 milligrams per liter. The dissolved oxygen content is closely tied to water temperature, as warmer water can hold less dissolved oxygen compared to colder water.

Versatility of ORP Meters

ORP meters find applications across a wide spectrum of water parameter analyses, from water purification to hydroponics, aquariums, and industrial wastewater treatment.

Calibration for Accuracy

Calibrating Redox / ORP meters is equally crucial. A calibrated meter provides more precise readings and extends the equipment’s lifespan. We recommend calibrating your equipment every 3 months or after every 10 to 20 tests.

Redox / ORP Meters Available for Sale in Kerala, India

Ideal Reading Ranges

For aquaculture, ideal ORP reading ranges are typically between 150 and 250 mV, while for swimming pools, the range is typically between 400 and 600 mV.

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