Stainless Steel Handrail Work Procedure

Stainless Steel Handrail Work Procedure, The stainless steel railing pipes, hardware, and accessories of the specified grade are supplied by our trusted vendors and installed at the site according to the pre-mentioned specifications, BOQ, and drawings, and approved by the Engineer-in-Charge.

Material Properties

The material properties of Stainless Steel Handrail Work Procedure pipes and accessories should conform to SS 304 grade.

Stainless Steel Works

You must procure stainless steel pipes from an approved manufacturer and of an approved grade. The Client/Consultant must approve the quality before work begins.

Hand Rail

The pipes used for the handrail must have a minimum thickness of 16 gauge. Grind and organ buff the welded links to restore the original finish of the surface of the welded material.

The joints or junctions where two pieces are joined/welded should be precisely cut and then welded.

Surface Finish

The surface finish of all stainless steel materials must be a Satin/Glossy finish, free from all marks and blemishes.

Work Execution

The execution of the work shall be carried out on-site per the BOQ and drawings.

Stainless Steel Accessories

We will fix using stainless steel bolts, and we shall join with SS connectors of an approved type, size, and make, as directed by the engineer in charge. Do welding using organ welding rods, and ensure K2 passivation duly finishes and cleans the surface. This treatment eliminates the chances of corrosion and removes any burn marks on the metal.

Final Cleaning

Protective coatings and warning markings shall remain undisturbed until final acceptance. Remove temporary protective coverings or coatings immediately before the final inspection, and wash surfaces with a suitable thinner. You should leave them in a finished condition with an approved uniform appearance, free from all marks and blemishes.

Fabrication & Tolerances
Stainless Steel Handrail Work

Unless otherwise specified on the drawings, fabricating tolerances shall generally be as follows:

  • Straightness: Compression members shall not deviate from straightness by more than 1/1000 of the axial length between laterally supported points.
  • Completed members shall be free from twist bends and open joints. Sharp links or bends shall be cause for material rejection.
  • Length: We allow a permissible variation of 1mm in the overall length of members. Parts of the structure may have variations…

We will measure railing in running meters and ensure accuracy to a centimeter. Rates shall be inclusive of all stainless steel pipes and fittings required vertically or horizontally per running meter of the composite section of the railing, including all stainless steel components, as per the BOQ.


The rate shall include the cost of all materials such as Stainless Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel fittings and accessories, other fixing materials, T & P, scaffolding, and labour involved in all the operations described above, including fixing/installation, transportation, lead & lift, and all applicable taxes.