Cascade Water Fall | Water Blade

Cascade Water Fall | Water Blade is available both in Stainless steel and in Acrylic in sizes of 30 cm, 60cm, 90 cm and 120cm in length. We deal in various water blade models some with inbuilt colour-changing LED lights which will give you a vivid experience every time you switch it on. 

Water blades are a great addition to both the interior and exterior of any modern house/ Villa / Resort or Hotel. The simplest way of creating a waterfall is by using a waterblade. But only choosing the right pump with a constant flow rate and fittings will give you the desired water blade cascade effect.

There are three types of water blades one is a rain effect curtain water blade, the second one is a parabolic water blade and the third is a straight jet curtain water blade. All the said water blades are available in 3 to 4 standard sizes as described before. i.e, 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm or 120 cm.

How to calculate the Flow rate of Water Blade?

The main factor in determining the flow rate of a cascade water blade is the vertical height of the water blade and the horizontal depth of the waterfall. The vertical Height is the distance between the water blade and the water level at the pool. It may not be more than 90 cm.

The horizontal depth is the distance the waterfall travels, from the water blade jet to its impact point in the pool.

For example, in the case of a water blade 300 cm wide which is installed at a height of 90 cm, with a horizontal depth of 210mm, the flow rate of the pump must be 1.40 m3/h, This can be easily found out from the flowchart given with each water blade.

In general, the water blades are very easy to install, maintain and operate And also is economical. For questions about cascade water blades, reach out to our customer care team.