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Benefits Of Aircon Sheets

Aerated Concrete Sheet

Benefits Of Aircon Sheets, In the ever-evolving world of construction materials, aerated concrete sheets have emerged as a sustainable and versatile choice for modern builders. These innovative sheets offer a wide range of advantages, making them a top choice for both residential and commercial projects. In this article, we will explore the and Benefits Of … Read more

Cost of Stainless Steel Handrail Works

Stainless Steel Handrail Works 1

Cost of Stainless Steel Handrails Work by KJASons® in Kerala: A Blend of Durability and Elegance Introduction: Stainless steel handrails have long been the preferred choice for those seeking a perfect blend of durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance. In the picturesque state of Kerala, renowned for its architectural beauty, KJASons® stands tall as a leading … Read more

Handrails and Glassworks

Handrails and Glass works

Handrails and Glassworks, It is important for you to find and choose the right handrail since it needs to match the design of the staircase and the entire interior of your home. While the design and style of a staircase are important, safety and aesthetics must also go hand in hand. The essential elements are the … Read more

How to Select An Air Conditioner

How to Select An Air Conditioner Correctly

How to Select An Air Conditioner, Selecting your air conditioner requires you to know some basic calculations, the right Air conditioner will cool your room efficiently and also will reduce your electricity consumption. So, in short, you can save money and reduce carbon emissions. Selecting a unit too small will be too underpowered to cool … Read more

KJA & Sons Civil Engineering Company

K.J.A & Sons Civil Engineering Company

KJA & Sons is a civil engineering company established in the year 2012, The company has its roots in K.R. Joseph & Sons registered builders and contractors operating from Ernakulam since 1983. We have evolved as a leader in civil engineering and civil construction of residential and commercial buildings. Our objective is to provide total solutions to … Read more

Cost of Electrical Works

Cost of Electrical Works

The cost of electrical works utilizes electricity to illuminate homes, power industries, and drive technological advancements. Consequently, it blends art and science intricately. Introduction: Electrical works While the cost of electrical work is a consideration, it’s essential in modern life, from lighting and fueling electronics to ensuring safety in buildings and powering machinery for the … Read more

Carpentry Work Rates

Carpentry Work Rates

The cost of carpentry / Joinery works in Kerala, the cost varies from place to place across Kerala. Carpentry Work Rates Item  Material  Description   Rates In Rupees  Kitchen Cabinets      Kitchen cabinets   Particle Board   1000 – 1200  Kitchen cabinets   BWP Ply with Laminate 1350 – 3000  Kitchen cabinets   Green Laminate Board 1100 – … Read more

Painting & Wood Polishing Rates

Wall & Wood Polishing Rates

Painting & Wood Polishing Rates in Kochi, Kerala 2023. Require a solution for a leaking shower? No need to fret; simply give us a call, and we’ll handle it. Our shower/bathroom waterproofing services will address your leaking shower while staying within your budget. Leaks from the bathroom shower areas are one of the common problems … Read more

Residential Painting And Polishing Works

Home Painting Works

Residential Painting And Polishing Works, We are professional painting contractors, and providing good service with transparency has always remained our motto throughout all these years. Major paint manufacturers have trained most of our painting crew, who are professionals in providing courteous and reliable service for all your painting needs, ensuring timely completion of your job. … Read more