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Initial Planning and Assessment:

Decide what kind of wires and materials are needed based on the project details.


Design and Layout:

Make a detailed plan for where to put outlets, switches, lights, and electrical panels. Figure out the right size wires, how much power each circuit needs, and the voltage needed.


Obtain Permits and Approvals:

Contact local authorities with the electrical plans and specifications to the regulatory agencies for approval.

Ensuring efficient and safe electrical installations:

Efficient and safe electrical installations are crucial for both residential and commercial properties. First and foremost, hiring a qualified and licensed electrician is essential.

Another important aspect of efficient and safe electrical installations is conducting regular inspections. Electrical systems can deteriorate over time due to wear and tear or other factors such as environmental conditions.

Innovations in Wiring.

The Importance of Electrical Works.

Safety precautions in electrical works?

Importance of professional electrical work.

Safeguarding Electrical Installations for Optimal Performance –

Electricity is the lifeblood of modern society, powering our homes, businesses, and countless devices. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure that electrical systems operate efficiently and safely.

How To Do Electrical Wiring Safely

How To Do Electrical Wiring Safely

Electrical wiring must be installed safely correctly and in compliance with the highest safety standards. These tips will help you in safely doing home electrical wiring.  If you have any doubts about wiring a particular area of your home or cottage, do not proceed until you have confirmed the correct way to proceed.
LED Handrail Works

Hand Rails With LED Lights

We at KJASons® recognize that our strength lies in our highly motivated and committed team with the required knowledge, experience and creativity. Following is our creation of SS Decorative handrails with LED Lights. Hand Rails With LED Lights Handrails work with LED lights seamlessly, combine functionality and aesthetics. These innovative additions not only provide essential … Read more
Cost Of Electrical Items

Cost Of Electrical Items

Approximate cost of Electrical items used in civil construction works.  We have supplied a variety of products throughout different industries. DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS QUANTITY  UNITS  RATE  CURRENT PRICE  Bell Push Switch  1  Per Piece   110.00    Copper wire 0.75 Sqmm 90 Meters  1 90 Meters 810.00    Copper wire 1 Sqmm 90 Meters   1  90 … Read more
Cost of Electrical Works

Cost of Electrical Works

Electrical work is the intricate art and science of harnessing the power of electricity to illuminate our homes, power our industries, and drive technological advancements. Introduction: Electrical works It plays a fundamental role in virtually every aspect of modern life, from lighting up our world to fueling our electronic devices, and from ensuring our safety … Read more
Switchgear & Control Panels

Switchgear & Control Panels

A control panel is a component of a machine that provides an operator with a means to control the operation of the machine. Control panels can vary in size and complexity, but typically include switches, dials, or buttons that allow an operator to start or stop the machine, adjust its speed or other operating parameters, … Read more