Hand Rails With LED Lights

Hand Rails With LED Lights, We at KJASons® recognize that our strength lies in our highly motivated and committed team with the required knowledge, experience and creativity. Following is our creation of SS Decorative handrails with LED Lights.

Hand Rails With LED Lights

Handrails work with LED lights seamlessly, combining functionality and aesthetics. These innovative additions not only provide essential safety and support but also elevate the ambience of any space.

LED-integrated handrails are not only energy-efficient but also offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to set the mood with a spectrum of colours or provide subtle illumination in dimly lit areas.

Whether installed in homes, commercial spaces, or public areas, handrails with LED lights bring a touch of modern elegance while ensuring safety remains a top priority.

  • This system can change colours with the flick of a button or in Auto mode.
  • Made using  SS 304 and Acrylic Cylindrical block.
  • The system uses solid-state LED technology to achieve fabulous lighting performance.

For more info write to info@kjasons.com or call +91- 9400726668. Our team can fabricate to your design or help design one for you.