SS Handrails With Wood Paneling

SS Handrails With Wood Paneling, KJASons® offers a complete supply and fit service, from producing quotations from architect‘s drawings or bills of quantities to on-site measurements, production drawings for customer approval, manufacture and on-site installation.

SS Handrails With Wood Paneling

Handrail work with wood panelling is a marriage of craftsmanship and elegance. When expertly designed and crafted, wooden handrails seamlessly complement wood panelling, creating a harmonious and visually appealing transition between spaces.

These handrails not only offer support and safety but also enhance the warm and inviting ambience of any interior. Whether in a classic, rustic setting or a modern, minimalist design, handrails paired with wood panelling add a touch of timeless sophistication to any architectural space.

A KJASons® Technical consultant is always on hand to advise on any aspect of Handrails and Balustrades.

We create SS Decorative handrails with teak wood panels using SS 304 Grade and shaping solid teak wood into panels using a CNC Machine.

Handrails are built on-site but still, there are no unsightly welds, deformations of bends or poor aesthetic finish.


For more info about our works and rates, write to Our team can fabricate your design or help design one for you.