Pond Dye

The popularity of pond dyeing has grown in recent years as more people become interested in natural dyeing techniques. Many pond dyes are made from plants, and many are safe for use around fish and other aquatic creatures.

Introduction: What is pond dye and what are its benefits?

Pond dyeing is a fun and environmentally friendly way to add colour to your pond. It gives the pond a beautiful and pleasing blue shade, which reduces the sunlight penetration thus reducing the growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation like Filamentous Algae, Kara Kara, Aquatic Weeds etc.

It is a centuries-old craft that can be enjoyed by everyone. The process of dyeing is simple, and there are many different types of dyes available to choose from.

Section 1: How to dye a pond and the different types of dye available.

Pond dyeing is a centuries-old craft that can be used to create unique and beautiful colours in your water.  Pond dye comes in water-soluble pouches which you can throw into your large pond.

100 grams of WSP (water-soluble pouches) can treat 300 to 400 m3 of lake or water body.

Another option is Pond Dye for Small Garden Ponds in 500 ml bottles. 500 ml Bottle can treat up to 60,000 Litres of Water Body.

Likewise, 50 ml of pond dye treats up to 6000 litres, and 200 ml treats up to 24000 litres of water. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Pond Dye is Safe and Easy to Use.
  • Works in all garden ponds.
  • It saves time and effort.
  • Free of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Non-toxic and Harmless to plants, fish, filters and wildlife.
  • Pond Dye comes in two varieties of colour.
  • It is Perfect for Seasonal Changes.
  • Pond Dye Keeps Water Clear and Clean.
  • Pond Dye is a Great Way to Add Color to Your Garden.
  • Pond Dye is a Fun Way to Decorate your Pond.

Section 2: What kind of plants and animals will be affected by the dye?

Aquaclean SGP Blue | Black is a safe & eco-friendly colourant for Ponds. Gives a please crystal blue shade to the pond and reduces algae growth. it is non-toxic and harmless to plants, fish, filters and wildlife.

It is a unique combination of natural colourants and is suitable for all types of water bodies, including ornamental ponds, and Koi fish ponds. Aquaclean SGP Blue | Black can be applied by spraying, pouring or water-soluble pouches.

Section 3: How long will the dye last in the water?

It is effortless we can create truly unique colours in your pond by mixing blue and black at various ratios. The dye may last from a month to 4 months depending upon the circumstances and conditions.

Just apply a small amount of the dye to the surface of your pond and let it circulate. Once you’ve decided on the colour effect, add a little more if required.

Section 4: Is Dye safe for humans and animals?

It is the perfect way to add some colour to your outdoor water features without using harmful chemicals. Pond dyes are inexpensive and can give your pond water a sparkling look and it is perfectly safe for humans and animals.

Pond dyes don’t irritate the skin of people and animals, even if you have sensitive or damaged skin. Unlike the other dyes, it can be added to the water body at night or during daylight.

Pond Dye


It is a great way to improve the appearance of your pond while also protecting the ecosystem.

Most ponds have at least one fish that loves to swim around and gather little bits of food. Sometimes, the fish swimming around the pond can be a little bit wasted from not being able to find any good food.

There are many different types of dyes that you can use in your pond, so finding one that will fit the colour scheme of your garden or backyard is easy. Just be sure to read the instructions before adding the dye to your water!

There are a variety of plants that can be used to make pond dyes, and the colours that can be achieved vary depending on the plan chosen. Some common plants used to make pond dyes include blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, sunflower, and oak leaves.