Cost Of Hand Tools –  Screwdrivers, Chisels, Measuring Tools 

Cost Of Hand Tools –  Screwdrivers, Chisels, Measuring Tools. Approximate cost of general mechanics hand tools used in civil construction and other general repair works of equipment or machines.

Screwdriver Savvy: A Guide to Hand Tool Costs for Kerala Construction

Kerala’s construction industry thrives on precision and craftsmanship; a good set of screwdrivers is a fundamental part of any toolbox.

But with a wide variety of options available, navigating the costs and choosing the right screwdrivers for your project can be tricky. This blog post dives into the world of screwdrivers in Kerala, helping you make informed decisions for your next build.

Types of Screwdrivers and Their Costs in Kerala

The type of screwdriver you need depends on the screw head and the job at hand. Here’s a breakdown of some common types and their estimated price ranges in Kerala:

  • Flathead Screwdrivers: The workhorses of any toolkit. Prices typically range from ₹20 for a basic model to ₹200 for a heavy-duty option.
  • Phillips Screwdrivers: Designed for cruciform screws, these come in various sizes. Expect to pay ₹30-₹150 depending on size and quality.
  • Pozidriv Screwdrivers: Similar to Phillips but with additional points for better torque. Prices range from ₹50-₹250.
  • Ratcheting Screwdrivers: Offers a quick and convenient way to tighten or loosen screws. Prices start around ₹150 and can go up to ₹1000 for high-end models.
  • Specialty Screwdrivers: For Torx screws, Allen screws, and other non-standard types, expect to pay a premium (₹100 and upwards) depending on the specific type.

Cost Of Hand Tools –  Screwdrivers Factors Affecting Cost

Several factors influence screwdriver prices in Kerala:

  • Brand: Reputable brands like Stanley or Facom will generally cost more than local brands.
  • Material: Chrome vanadium steel offers superior strength and durability, impacting the price.
  • Handle Design: Ergonomic handles can enhance comfort and control, leading to a higher price tag.
  • Set vs. Individual: Buying a screwdriver set can be more cost-effective for diverse projects.

Finding the Right Screwdriver for Your Needs

Don’t get overwhelmed by the options! Here are some tips for choosing screwdrivers in Kerala:

  • Match the Screwdriver to the Screw: Ensure the tip size and type perfectly match the screw head you’ll be working with.
  • Consider Project Needs: If you use screwdrivers frequently, invest in a comfortable and durable set.
  • Start with the Basics: A basic set with flathead and Phillips screwdrivers is a good starting point for most construction projects.

Beyond the Cost: Value for Money

While price is important, remember that a quality screwdriver can save you time and frustration in the long run. Look for screwdrivers with:

  • Well-fitted tips: A loose tip can damage screws and become unusable.
  • Comfortable handles: Reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Durable construction: Invest in screwdrivers that can withstand the demands of construction work.


By understanding the different types of screwdrivers, their costs in Kerala, and the factors influencing price, you can make informed decisions for your construction project. Remember, a well-chosen screwdriver is an investment that will pay off in terms of efficiency and quality work. Now, get out there and build something great!

Cost Of Hand Tools -  Screwdrivers, Chisels