Wooden Outdoor and Indoor Decking

There is nothing quite as elegant and lasting as wooden decking. Wooden decking is made out of outdoor grade timber which is best suited for exterior applications.

At KJA & Sons, you will find a wide range of decking boards, patio tiles and outdoor flooring solutions in numerous styles at affordable prices. For Wooden Decking Requirments.

  • The decking boards are very easy to install and maintain.
    First Measure the floor surface intending to be covered (length and width dimensions).
  • Order the required no of decking boards. Installation of the Deck should commence from the outermost corner of the intended area.
  • Lay the first module and attach an adjacent module by affixing the linking pins into the slots of the previous unit.
  • The floor must be coated with decking oil immediately after laying; if this is not done, the wood could oxidize, turning grey or darkening in colour.
  • To maintain the appealing appearance and protect the integrity of the timber decking, it is vital to coat the same with decking oil every 6 months to prolong the decking’s aesthetics and durability.
  • Available in unique modular designs, which can be quickly installed and is easily customizable for irregular floor designs, challenging corners and uneven bases.

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