House Construction Cost Analysis

House Construction Cost Analysis, With our 48 years of experience in a civil construction environment and industry knowledge, we can provide you with vital reports which will help you in effectively allocating your funds.  So that your project moves ahead without any major delays.

We can help our clients by providing them with insights about the cost incurred right from the stage of preliminary design to project completion and Handing over.  We perform detailed cost analysis to determine the economic value of a project, enabling accurate budgeting.

With rising raw materials and labor costs, minimizing downtimes is crucial to avoid losses.

House Construction Cost Analysis

Whether in design stages or delayed, KJA & Sons assist with Construction Cost Analysis to get your project back on track.

We offer turnkey solutions tailored to your project and budget, setting up systems to monitor progress from start to finish.

Following is an example of fund allocation analysis.

  • Project Design, Mobilisation, approvals and permits from the local authority – 5%
  • Excavation, Foundation and Basement – 8%
  • Structural Concrete – Framing & Blockwork – 33%
  • Windows and Door frames – 8%
  • MEP – 1st phase (Electrical conduits, cable laying & initial plumbing works) – 10%
  • Masonry & siding works – 5%
  • Floor & wall coverings (waterproofing, Tiles, skirting, countertops etc) – 6%
  • Internal & external painting works – 5%
  • Boundary wall & external works (interlock tiles, soak pit, garden, gate, manholes etc) – 6%
  • Trim Package (Cabs, Counter, Doors, Millwork, handrails etc) – 6%
  • MEP – 2nd phase (Light Fixtures, Wiring accessories, sanitary fixtures, appliances etc) – 7%
  • Final Grade – 1%

The Cost to Complete Analysis

Our Cost Complete Analysis services will help you to calculate the budget required to complete a project or construction activity which has been halted or held behind schedule for any reason. We will be able to help you to plan and complete your project without any further delays.

By doing an initial site inspection we can analyze the percentage of construction completed as of this date and with the help of this data, we can work out a detailed plan and report accurately. 

Once the project cost is determined we can also help you in completing the project on time with our civil construction service. With our team of professionals which includes Building designers, Civil engineers and fabricators we can complete your project with an excellent finish.

Get in touch with us to know more we are always here to help.