Cost of Truss Work With Shingles

Cost of Truss Work With Shingles, A good roof is the most important façade, A healthy building can exist only under a well-functioning roof. The roof of every structure plays a very important role, it also makes up a major part of the building. 

The roofing solution generally has to protect you from rain, sun, wind and snow. A correctly designed and well-executed roof system saves our wealth and natural resources, it implies an appreciation of sound professional construction.

Following are the running rates for Shingles laying work at Ernakulam.

Work Specification

  • Roofing Shingles – Brand Saint Gobain, Ridges & Valley, Starters
  • Supply and laying of Fiber Cement Board 10mm thick, Including Bitumen Sheet in the Joint of the board and aluminium Sheet in the Joints of Valleys.
  • M.S Truss 16 Gauge GR one coat primer, Main Truss 75 X 40Mm. Purlin 40x 20mm, (Bhushan, Appolo, Deckan).
  • The rate per sqft starts from Rs 285

We are equipped with a skilled and dedicated staff with Knowledge and experience which is the key to constructing truss and Shingles roofs. We always construct according to design specifications given to us by the client and by applying good building practices and generally approved installation methods for the roofing industry.

Advantages of Shingles Roofing

  • Wind resistance
  • UL Class A Fire Resistance Rating
  • Rain resistance
  • Prevents Water absorption leading to Algae formation and deterioration.
  • Available in a variety of colours to suit any type of house design
  • Colour does not change with time.
  • For Inspections, you can safely walk on the roof covered with shingles as they are skid-resistant

A roof is a big investment and, for optimum performance, it should be regularly inspected and maintained. Correct, Systematic and sufficiently frequent maintenance of the shingles roofing plays a critical role in the durability and proper functioning of a roofing system.

Aesthetics may be the most significant aspect determining the type of roof for your home. The roof is a large and often highly visible surface and can affect the overall look of the building.

The slope of the roof is another significant factor. There are limits of application for most materials depending on how steep your roof is. If a roof has a 5:12 slope, for every 12” of horizontal run, there is a vertical rise of 5”. On roofs with low slopes, like 3:12, some materials do not perform adequately to shed water, so they may not be recommended or may even be disallowed for that slope.

In today’s market, you can buy dozens of different types of roofs. A professional roofing contractor will help you make the best decision for your building and for your budget, using quality materials produced by reputable manufacturers.

We deliver quality services and excellent results through the usage of the latest technologies and successful methods for our customers. For enquiries and pricing contact us.