Truss Work Cost

Truss Work Cost, We at KJA&Sons are engaged in stainless steel and MS fabrication works such as SS gates, SS handrails, SS furniture, trusses and many such items.

We can provide you with the best range of truss work, fabrication works, and industrial fabrication with effective & timely delivery.

In addition to the general civil building works our business activities have expanded to truss works and pergola works. We can provide vital services to the construction industry in the fields of general building and structural steelworks. We always work hard to meet the most imperious schedules because we know your time is valuable.

The commodities which are made by us are largely appreciated by our consumers for quality, finish, and cost-effectiveness. We also concentrate on rendering roof truss work and MS fabrication services.

What is a Roof Truss?

The truss is a “two-force member,” a structural element distributing force to only two points. It supports the roof or ceiling over a terrace area, commonly known as a roof truss, with a framework typically in the base shape of triangles.

A truss consists of perpendicular members connected at joints called panel points. Truss works aim to synchronize with the structure’s aesthetics.

When designing a roofing cover/truss special focus shall be made on its pitch and the selection of its coverings will greatly affect its final impression.

Pitch – The steepness of a roof, the higher the pitch the larger the roof area visible. And Coverings are the materials used for roof coverings.
It is very vital to select the correct roofing coverings to match the design of the truss and also it should be in harmony with the surrounding community scene.

What are the different types of trusses?

Some of the usual forms of roof trusses are as follows:

  • Planer Truss
  • Spaceframe
  • Pratt Truss
  • Bowstring Truss
  • King Post Truss
  • Queen Post Truss
  • Lenticular Truss
  • Combination of king-post and queen-post truss
  • Town’s lattice Truss
  • Mansard Roof Truss
  • Truncated Truss
  • Bel-fast Roof Truss
  • Composite Roof Truss

In and around Kerala, people commonly use clay tiles, shingle sheets, and metal roofing for truss works.

In the olden era of Kerala, people used natural clay tiles for most of the roof coverings. It is still one of the best choices and best-suited roofing covering materials for our climate.

Many varieties of clay tiles ranging from natural ordinary clay tiles to ceramic and imported brands are available.

Another important method of roofing covering is using shingles, it is a great choice since they are compatible with many roof designs.

The main advantage of using shingles as roofing coverings is their flexibility and sturdiness. Another good quality is that shingles come in many textures and colours, and you can match your roof’s colour theme to that of your home.

The most common and widely used materials for roofing covering are G.I. and aluminium roof coverings. It is one of the cheapest materials available in the market.

Metal Roof Systems also come in a wide variety of colours and profiles like standing seam, corrugated, and many more!

We can fabricate and install any type of commercial and residential truss works. We are gratified to provide exceptional customer service, and high-quality products at competitive pricing.

For us, at KJA&Sons it is a customer service business, with many years of experience in the roofing industry.

We can service all of South India and have done everything from supermarkets, auditoriums and school roofs to small residential roof repairs and everything in between.

We can also do the repair works of both commercial and residential roof systems.

At our workshop and all our worksites, we operate and manage a fully integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety management system. We seek to achieve operational transparency and excellence across service quality, operational efficiency, and workplace health and safety.

Are you looking for an experienced roofing contractor to tackle a project? Achieve guaranteed quality results with our roofing solutions.

Our goal is to become a partner in your project because, at KJA&Sons, we build with you, and we “Do What’s Right” for you.!

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