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We are technical specialists in the design and development of stairway solutions. We have a concept for it and can build it for you. KJA&SONS provide creative solutions to your projects that are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our clients involve a wide range of businesses, including architects, various contractors, and private individuals. We provide an extensive variety of stair-associated services as part of these diverse projects.


Different ways to solve the problem of stairs Looking for a way to make your stairs more comfortable and safe? Look no further than our stairway solutions!

These products can make your steps more slip-resistant, height-adjustable, and even glow in the dark for an added touch of safety.

Solutions for small spaces:

Stairways can present a challenge for homeowners, architects, and builders.

They are often one of the most visible features of a home and need to be designed and built with careful consideration. Here are some common stairway design problems and how to solve them:

Stairways can become unsafe if not properly built or maintained. A poorly designed staircase can easily become hazardous, especially if it is in a remote location or if there is a lot of traffic on it.

Spiral staircases

When most people think of a spiral staircase, they imagine something like the one in the movie “The Princess Bride.”

However, spiral staircases come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in both residential and commercial buildings.

Though they may seem like a novelty, spiral staircases are quite functional, providing an easy way to move between floors without taking up a lot of space.

Spiral staircases have been around for centuries and were once used primarily by the wealthy and powerful.

Today, they are more commonly found in homes and small businesses, but can also be found in larger buildings such as hospitals and airports.

One of the main benefits of using a spiral staircase is that it takes up very little space compared to a traditional staircase.

This makes them ideal for use in small homes or businesses where every square foot counts.

Compact stairs

In today’s world, space is a valuable commodity. Whether it is in a home or an office, every square foot needs to be used wisely.

This is especially true when it comes to stairs. Traditional stairs take up a lot of space, which can be problematic in smaller areas.

This is where compact stairs come in. As the name suggests, these stairs are designed to take up less space than traditional stairs. They are perfect for small homes or offices where every inch counts.

Compact stairs are typically made out of metal or wood and can be installed in a variety of ways. Some models fold up for easy storage, while others can be built into cabinets or walls.

They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect set of stairs for your needs.

Alternatives to traditional stairs

In recent years, there has been a movement towards alternatives to traditional stairs.

Several alternatives to traditional stairs are both safe and stylish. Some of these alternatives include spiral stairs, modular stairs, and floating stairs.

Solutions for large spaces:

If you need a large space for an event or activity, there are several solutions available to you. You can rent a space at a local park or community center, or you can host the event at your own home.

If you choose to rent a space, be sure to reserve it well in advance, as spaces tend to fill up quickly.

If you choose to host the event at your home, be sure to clean and prepare the space well in advance. You may also want to consider hiring a caterer or renting furniture and equipment. whatever option you choose, be sure to plan and start organizing early.

Circular staircases

Circular staircases have been around since the beginning of time. They offer a unique experience that is not found in traditional staircases.

Most people are afraid of them, but they are quite safe. They can be found in many different places, such as public buildings, homes, and businesses.

Staircases with multiple levels

Most people are only familiar with staircases that have a single level. However, there are also staircases with multiple levels.

These can be quite useful, as they can save space in a small home or apartment. Additionally, they can be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional single-level staircases.

There are several different types of multi-level staircases. The most common type is the spiral staircase, which is a helical staircase with a central pole.

This type of staircase takes up very little space and is often used in small homes or apartments.

Another common type of multi-level staircase is the dog-leg staircase, which has two or more separate flights of stairs that are connected by landings.

This type of staircase is often used in larger homes or buildings where there is more space to work with.

Floating staircases

Most people are familiar with the traditional staircase, a series of steps leading from one level to another.

But what about a staircase that floats in mid-air? Floating staircases have been around for centuries and can be found in some of the most famous buildings in the world.

While there are many different types of floating staircases, they all share one common feature—they do not touch the ground.

This makes them perfect for spaces that are tight on floor space or when you want to create a dramatic entrance.

One of the earliest examples of a floating staircase is found at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Built in 1173, the tower features a spiral staircase that is supported by chains and doesn’t touch the ground.

Other famous examples include the Eiffel Tower in Paris and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

Curved staircases

Curved staircases are often seen in movies or homes of the wealthy. They can be quite beautiful and add a touch of elegance to a home.

However, they can also be quite dangerous. Curved staircases can be tricky to navigate, especially if you are not used to them.

They can also be easy to trip on if you are not careful. If you are thinking about installing a curved staircase in your home, make sure you take into account the safety risks involved.


We design, engineer, fabricate, and install entry solutions. We have the skills and expertise to guide all homeowners, contractors, architects, and designers through a full range of staircase services. KJA&SONS provide expertly manufactured and economically priced solutions for the patio, bedroom, or stair spaces of newly built homes and industrial areas.

We are experts in creating elegant and durable staircases, alarm systems, wall services, glass desks, and other unique items.

Such as stairways, Pergolas, Facades, glass doors, structural glazing, curtain walls, shower cubicles, interior partitions, sliding doors, automatic garage doors, automatic gates, automatic doors, skylights, and automated skylights, canopies in glass and steel, handrails, glass, and steel handrails.

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