Injection Grouting

Micro Concreting

MIcro concreating

Micro-concrete, often referred to as micro-concrete or micro mortar, is a specialized construction material and technique that has gained prominence in recent years for its remarkable properties and versatile applications in the field of construction and repair. Microconreting is characterized by its finely tuned composition, exceptional durability, and remarkable adaptability, making it an invaluable asset … Read more

P.U. Foam Grouting | P.U. Injection Grouting

Advantages of Injection grouting

PU Grouting Injection & Construction Waterproofing is basically grouting with polyurethane [PU] resins which can be used to improve/enhance the mechanical and sealing properties of soil, and rock or to repair concrete structures. The principle of grouting is the injection of liquid grouting material into the subject environment under controlled pressure. Advantages of Injection grouting … Read more