Charupadi Works

Steel Charupadi

Steel Charupadi works

Steel Charupadi, Charupadis hold a central place in many households, serving both as practical fall protection and decorative elements. Advantages of Steel CharupadiSteel charupadi, available in various shapes and sizes, offer greater durability and resistance to weathering compared to charupadi made from conventional materials such as Ferro cement or wood. Custom Design and CostingFor inquiries … Read more

Charupadi Works

Charupadi works

Charupadi Works is an aesthetic seating area on your balcony which overlooks the front garden and driveway of the house. Charupadi is an essential element in Kerala house sit-out design. It is also known as sopanam in the local language. The word sopanam is derived from the Sanskrit word sopana which means platform. In Kerala, … Read more