Latest Wooden Door Designs

Door works

Latest Wooden Door Designs, Wood doors have long been prized for their timeless beauty and durability. As a versatile and natural material, wood exudes warmth and character, making it a popular choice for both interior and exterior doors. When it comes to home design, wood doors offer a classic and inviting charm that enhances the … Read more

Carpentry Work Rates

Carpentry Work Rates

The cost of carpentry / Joinery works in Kerala, the cost varies from place to place across Kerala. Carpentry Work Rates Item  Material  Description   Rates In Rupees  Kitchen Cabinets      Kitchen cabinets   Particle Board   1000 – 1200  Kitchen cabinets   BWP Ply with Laminate 1350 – 3000  Kitchen cabinets   Green Laminate Board 1100 – … Read more