Converting Unused Spaces

Converting unused spaces in your home through renovation is a fantastic way to maximize your living area and increase the value of your property. 

You can transform neglected attics, dingy basements, or underutilized garages into functional and appealing areas with some effort and creativity.

KJASons®, a prominent company in the construction and architectural industry, has a wealth of experience in home renovations, and we understand the significance of converting unused spaces to enhance your living environment. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key steps and considerations for converting neglected spaces in your home.

1. Assess Your Unused Spaces

The first step in any renovation project is to assess the unused spaces in your home. Walk through your property and identify areas that are currently neglected or underused. 

Common candidates for conversion include:

  • Attics: Often, people leave attics as storage spaces or simply ignore them. You can turn them into cosy bedrooms, home offices, or playrooms.
  • Basements: Basements are frequently underutilized. With the right renovation, they can become family rooms, gyms, or even rental apartments.
  • Garages: If you have a garage that’s not used for parking, it can be transformed into a studio, workshop, or additional living space
  • Under-Stair Areas: These spaces are often overlooked but can be turned into storage closets, reading nooks, or small home offices.
2. Set a Budget

Once you’ve identified the spaces you want to convert, it’s crucial to establish a budget for the renovation. 

This budget should encompass all aspects of the project, including materials, labour, permits, and any unforeseen expenses. 

KJASons®’s experience in budget planning ensures that their projects stay on track financially, preventing overspending.

3. Plan the Design

Careful planning and design are essential for the success of your renovation project. 

Consider the purpose of the space and how it will be used. Will it be a bedroom, a home office, a game room, or something else? Create a design that complements the overall aesthetic of your home and ensures a seamless transition from the existing living spaces to the new one.

4. Obtain Necessary Permits

Check with your local building department to determine if any permits are required for the renovation. 

The regulations and permit requirements can vary depending on your location and the extent of the work. Ensuring that you have the necessary permits is crucial to avoid legal issues down the road.

5. Hire Skilled Professionals

While some homeowners may be adept at DIY projects, converting unused spaces often requires skilled professionals, such as architects, contractors, and electricians. 

These experts can ensure that the renovation is structurally sound, safe, and up to code.

KJASons®’s dedication to working with experienced professionals is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality results in our renovation projects. 

Our team includes a network of skilled individuals who can bring your vision to life.

6. Focus on Insulation and Climate Control

Neglected spaces like attics and basements often require attention to insulation and climate control. Proper insulation ensures energy efficiency and comfort in these areas. 

Climate control, such as heating and cooling systems, may also be necessary to make the space habitable year-round.

7. Choose Quality Materials

Selecting high-quality materials is essential for a successful renovation. Opt for durable flooring, finishes, and fixtures to ensure that the newly converted space stands the test of time.

8. Lighting and Ventilation

Proper lighting and ventilation are vital for the comfort and functionality of the newly converted space. Consider the placement of windows, light fixtures, and ventilation systems to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

KJASons® understands the importance of lighting and ventilation in home renovations. We design our projects to maximize natural light and ensure adequate airflow, contributing to the overall comfort of the space.

Converting Unused Spaces
9. Finishing Touches

The final step in converting unused spaces is adding the finishing touches that make the area welcoming and functional. 

This includes paint, furnishings, decor, and any additional elements that reflect your style and the purpose of the space.

KJASons®’s attention to detail is evident in their finishing touches. We complete our projects with care and precision, ensuring that the converted spaces are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.


Converting unused spaces in your home is a valuable investment that can enhance your living environment and property value. 

By following these steps and considering them, you can successfully transform neglected areas into functional and appealing spaces that enrich your daily life.