Lightning Arrestors and Surge Protector

Both essential for safeguarding electrical equipment, lightning arrestors and surge protectors serve different purposes and provide distinct levels of protection against voltage spikes and surges.

Lightning Arrestors

It, also known as lightning rods or lightning conductors, primarily designed to protect buildings and structures from direct lightning strikes.

They work by providing a safe path for lightning’s electrical energy to follow, diverting it away from the structure and into the ground. 

This prevents lightning from causing damage to the building’s electrical and structural systems. Install lightning arrestors on high points, connecting them to grounding systems for safely dispersing electrical energy into the ground.

Though aiding against lightning damage, they may not provide full protection against all electrical surges and spikes.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors shield connected devices from voltage spikes and transient surges, providing safeguards for sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

Various factors, including lightning strikes in the vicinity, power grid fluctuations, or electrical faults, can cause these surges.

Surge protectors act as a barrier between the incoming power supply and the connected equipment. 

They detect voltage spikes and divert excess energy safely to the ground, preventing it from reaching and damaging the devices. People commonly use surge protectors for computers, home entertainment systems, appliances, and other valuable electronics.

Lightning Arrestors and Surge Protector

In summary

The main difference between lightning arrestors and surge protectors lies in their primary function and scope of protection. Lightning arrestors are focused on safeguarding structures from direct lightning strikes, while surge protectors are designed to shield electronic equipment from voltage spikes and surges. 

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