Natural Stone Tulsi Thara

Natural Stone Tulsi Thara “For a person who plants, protect, water and sees or touches her Tulsi burns the sins committed by body, mind and Word”. No South Indian Hindu home is complete without Tulsi ( Holy Basil Plant).

And so is Tulsi thara which is the sacred stone platform in front of traditional Kerala houses on which the Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) commonly known as tulsi plant is grown. Everyday evening a lamp will be lit at Tulasi Thara, which is usually done by a women member of the family.

Tulsi is a sacred herb known as the Basil. Devotees believe that nothing can please Lord Krishna more than Tulsi. Following Vastu Shastra, place the Tulsi pot towards the North or East side, considering the direction the house faces.

Natural Stone Tulsi Thara

We can choose from a wide variety of natural stone Tulsi thara, exploring different permutations and combinations of shapes, sizes, types, and textures.

You can also share with us your design, that fits your needs and complements your unique personality. custom designs can take more time depending upon the complexity of the given design. You can custom-order any size for specific requirements, and the completion of orders typically takes about 20 to 25 days.

We use only high-quality natural stones to create Tulsi thara, cutting and carving them into stunning and elaborate designs. A distinguishing characteristic of murals can also be carved into the tulsi thara.

With a multitude of patterns, colours, sizes, designs and styles of tulsi thara to choose from, you can pick or create the perfect natural stone tulsi thara that synchronizes with your interior décor ideas.

Natural Stone Tulsi Thara

You can use various natural stones, including marble, white marble, and black granite, to make the best Tulsi Kyara/Tulsi Thara.

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