Proposed Building for Mr Thomas Isaac

The primary objective of this design is to capitalize on the home’s classic architecture, introduce additional natural light, and employ a fusion of vintage and contemporary furnishings and accessories. This project is tailored to accommodate a family of five within a 10-cent land area. Our client’s specific request was for a luminous and well-ventilated, yet elegantly simple home.

Incorporating Timeless Architecture and Modern Comforts

Traditional Exteriors, Modern Interiors

The home’s design seamlessly blends traditional exteriors—materials, roof pitches, and proportions—with modern interior finishes. This harmonious fusion ensures that the home exudes both a ‘classic’ and ‘nurturing’ ambience.

3D Elevation

Unveiling the Visual Appeal

Key Features

Proposed Building for Mr. Thomas Issac Mavelikara

Versatile and Space-Efficient Design

All open spaces within the home are conceived to serve multiple functions, ensuring that no area feels overly spacious. This approach promotes a sense of cosiness and intimacy throughout the living spaces.

Expansive Outdoor Areas

Ample outdoor space has been allocated for landscaping, providing an ideal area for children to play and explore. Additionally, a vertical garden in the porch area injects vibrant greenery, further enhancing the house’s aesthetic appeal.

Inner Garden Oasis

An inner garden has been incorporated in lieu of a traditional courtyard, creating a serene and refreshing environment that can be enjoyed from various vantage points within the home.

Sleek Kitchen Island

The kitchen features a contemporary island concept, adding a touch of style and convenience to meal preparation and dining.

Elegant Staircase

The staircase is a striking blend of glass and wood, seamlessly merging modern design with classic elements.

Convenient Car Parking

The building includes an attached car parking facility for the convenience of the residents.

Proposed Building for Mr. Thomas Issac Mavelikara

3D Elevation

Visualizing Excellence

The aforementioned highlights offer just a glimpse of what this project entails. For a comprehensive understanding and to explore further details, we invite you to connect with us. Your dream home awaits its realization in the hands of our expert team.

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