Waterproof Coatings and Treatments

Waterproof Coatings and Treatments, The purpose of cleaning the surface is to remove contaminants and leave the pores open to allow the penetration of the waterproofing compound.

Before starting any procedure or treatment, thoroughly clean the surface of all contaminants like dust, traces of curing compound, oil, and grease. Remove and repair all surface imperfections and protrusions.

Structurally unsound and friable concrete must be removed and repaired with a suitable repair mortar. Cost of waterproofing chemicals in Kerala 2017.

1. Exterior wall treatment using Swishcryl :

Builders construct external walls with masonry to fill the spaces in the RCC frame containing slabs, beams, and columns. This lends itself to seepage of rain from the external walls to the interiors. Cracks in plasters lead to water seepage. hence, required is a high-performance waterproof coating that would prevent seepage of water from the external walls to the interiors of the building.

Plastered surfaces develop cracks due to deterioration of plaster arising out of bad construction practices, inadequate curing, aggressive climatic conditions, etc. High-performance waterproofing Agent Swishcryl which shall penetrate deep into the surface forming a protective layer protecting the treated surface from water seepages and preventing further crack formation.

2. Crystalline Treatment (PeneSeal) :

Concrete is porous. Its tunnel-like capillaries are a natural part of its mass and permit the passage of water and other liquids. Chemical treatment fills capillaries, preventing water and liquid penetration from any direction. Utilizing diffusion, the reactive chemicals use water as a migrating medium to enter and travel down the capillaries of the concrete.

PeneSeal CWP is a single-component polymer-modified cementitious waterproofing compound.

The mixed slurry has excellent adhesion and flexibility with concrete/ sand cement screed. During application, it seals the hairline cracks caused by shrinkage or expansion. Moisture channels the mixture, penetrating pores through capillary action, reaching the lower depths of the concrete. This occurs even in the smallest pores and capillaries.

3. Crack Treatment (Seal n Flux):

Extreme weather conditions, bad concrete mix, bad backfilling and equipment damage can be the culprits to cracks at the Structure. Extreme weather conditions entail hot and/or cold temperatures. When pouring a cement wall extreme cold weather can freeze the water in the cement allowing it to expand whereas extreme hot weather dries the cement too fast and shrinks rapidly.

This rapid expansion and compression can crack the cement, especially if there was a bad mix before pouring and the concrete mix had too much water. If the cement doesn’t dry properly, it is fragile and likely to crack. This treatment involves identifying cracks and then deeply opening them in a V-shape. We apply Seal n Flux, which has excellent elastomeric properties and water repellency at the molecular level.

4. Fibreglass Mesh :

Alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh offers excellent properties, including water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility, softness, and resistance to ageing. People widely use it to reinforce walls, natural marble, plasterboard, artificial stone materials, and exterior insulation finishing systems. Fiberglass mesh acts as a bonding agent between the surface and the waterproofing compound.

5. Pressure / Injection Grouting :

Pressure grouting involves creating pores in the surface using mechanical Drills and injecting grout material into isolated pores. The grouts are cementations, resinous solution chemical mixture. Grouting can strengthen the foundation to support the weight of the overlying structure and also seal water flow through a formation that fills all the void spaces at the structure.

Injecting grout is a cost-effective alternative to excavating and replacing foundations because the polyurethane grout expands to fill all the cracks and voids.

6. PU Form Grouting :

Hydrophobic polyurethane grout, PU, typically stops water leaks by injecting it into cracks in concrete, honeycombed concrete, soils, pipes, pipe intrusions, and other voids using a high-pressure pump. When the liquid polyurethane meets water or moisture it reacts with it and then expands creating dense and closed-cell foam through which water cannot pass. In an unconfined environment, the expansion rate of the material is 20 times its volume.

PU People typically use PU to stop water leaks coming through cracked or honey-combed concrete voids between wall and floor, wall and ceiling, expansion joints, cold joints, and pipe intrusions. People use it to repair leaking concrete walls, ceilings, and floors in tunnels, including limestone, manholes, sewer lines, and concrete dams.

7. APP Membrane Waterproofing :

The term APP stands for Atactic Polypropylene which is a waterproofing membrane. The membranes can have fibreglass or polyester as reinforcement. Manufacturers produce APP membrane-modified bitumen membranes from a blend of special polypropylene thermoplastic polymers and distilled bitumen. This combination gives the proven waterproofing qualities of bitumen plasticity, excellent resistance to heat, ageing and weathering, and ease of application by torch welding.

The APP Membrane waterproofing is formulated using quality-tested ingredients and modern formulation techniques. Owing to properties like acid resistance, good dispersion, precise pH value and permanent stable colour.

8. Sika Cool coat :

Sika® Cool Coat is a flexible, liquid-applied, single-component, ultraviolet rays and weather-resistant, acrylic waterproofing membrane for all types of exposed roof slabs(new and old), terraces(sloped and flat), etc. Sika® Cool Coat contains Cross-linking polymers, Special Glass Microfibers, pigments and an advanced antifungal additive that provides a long-lasting tough waterproofing membrane.

The low thermal conductivity of the membrane serves as an insulation medium to resist heat transfer. The long-lasting glossy white colours reflect solar radiation that helps heat back into the atmosphere which keeps the interior of a building cooler. This coating combines the benefits of waterproofing as well as heat reduction in a single product. Thus ensuring value for money for customers. The waterproofing system can be further reinforced using Sika® Fab 1 glass fibre mesh.

9. Swish Weather Insulaz :

Swish Weather Insulaz is a unique product which upon application is an excellent leakproofing agent, it also provides good solar insolation to the roofs. It is an acrylic-based coating with eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients which provides solar insulation. The surface temperature reduction on Concrete or asbestos roofs after coating with Weather Insulaz was recorded up to 20º C.

It also prevents thermal expansion of the building and protects it from developing further cracks and leaks. The reduction of temperature on the rooftop results in power savings by using less usage of Air conditioning, cooling equipment, or fans. Today Power saving is given importance and in the coming days, it is going to be given supreme importance. It is effective and economical.

10. Swish Coatz BWP-016 :

BWP-016 consists of a 2-part polymer-modified cementitious waterproof mortar slurry, incorporating a liquid polymer and cement-based mix with special admixtures. Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions.

11. Masterseal 550 :

MasterSeal 550 is an acrylic-modified, Portland cement-based flexible waterproofing membrane for concrete and masonry. The waterproof membrane protects against soil moisture and water seepage; and extends the life of structural slabs and underlayments. Creates a flexible membrane that accommodates substrate movement; prevents cracks from telegraphing; and provides excellent underlayment for thin-set tile applications. It allows interior moisture vapour to escape.

12. Ardex Endura WPM 350 :

Ardex Endura WPM 350 (Sheltercoat Roof and Deck 2 Part) is a tough, UV stable, mildew resistant and flexible liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. It has been specifically formulated for exposed situations and is available in grey colour. The reinforced liquid component eliminates the need for a reinforcement mat in most situations.

13. Fosroc Treatment :

Fosroc consists of specially selected types of cement, graded hard-wearing aggregates and additives supplied in powder form together with a liquid component of polymers providing exceptional adhesion, resiliency, flexibility, toughness and durability.

14 Epoxy Flooring :

Polyurethane flooring products excel in design flexibility, elasticity, crack and scratch resistance and are exceptionally tough. Ideal for public, commercial and retail buildings as well as healthcare and educational facilities, polyurethane flooring is completely seamless and makes an attractive, hygienic, easily cleanable and durable floor that is pleasant to walk on.

Factories and warehouses commonly use epoxy flooring products because of their significant mechanical strength and resistance to corrosive liquids like chemicals, oils, chlorides, and fuels.

15 Pidgin 2K :

Dr Fixit Pidifin 2K is a two-component cementitious & acrylic flexible waterproofing & protective coating composed of best quality Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder.

It is applied to waterproof and protects concrete and similar structures. Especially for swimming pools, retaining walls, pile heads, water tanks, submerged tunnels, sumps, bridge decks, marbles, granites and a wide variety of extreme service class structures because on curing it forms an excellent elastomeric, waterproof & protective layer over the substrate.

16 Brushbond FLEXI :

Brushbond FLXIII is a two-component polymer-modified waterproof membrane supplied in ready-mix kits. When mixed, it produces an easily brushable coating. You can apply it with a stiff brush, roller, or trowel to achieve the desired thickness.

Brushbond FLXIII consists of specially selected types of cement, graded hard-wearing aggregates and additives supplied in powder form together with a liquid component of polymers providing exceptional adhesion, resiliency, flexibility, toughness and durability.

17 Fibreglass Treatment :

Fibreglass is a plastic deformable compound comprising polycrystalline alumina wool (PCW), an inorganic binder, and various additives. It hardens irreversibly and withstands heat up to 1750 Celsius. Due to its excellent adhesive properties, it can be used for surface coatings that minimize abrasion.

The process begins by spraying the alkali compound on both sides and compressing the substrate into their final positions. Then, dry the treated substrate at room temperature.

18 Brushbond :

Brushbond is a cementitious coating for application to concrete and brickwork to provide a waterproof barrier and fill out surface imperfections. Suitable for sealing water tanks, reservoirs, toilets, bathrooms, balconies and basements as well as filling blowholes, cracks, and imperfections and for providing concrete surfaces with a uniform appearance.

Brushbond effectively protects against concrete decay providing a long-lasting barrier to waterborne corrosive salts and atmospheric gases. It is designed to re-face and even out variations in concrete and masonry surfaces. Brushbond effectively seals concrete masonry walls and bridges the static shrinkage cracks. Brushbond provides a tough and durable coating which cannot be easily damaged or worn away.

19 Brushbond ICW :

Crystalline capillary waterproofing for concrete substrates. Brushbond ICW is an economical cementitious coating system designed for waterproofing concrete against low positive or negative hydrostatic water pressure in a wide variety of structures such as Sewage treatment and water treatment plants, Water tanks, Concrete pipes, Manholes etc.

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