Decoiled Steel Bars For Construction

Steel bars/rods are manufactured in two different formats. One is Straight rods and other is in coiled form.

 Usually, straight rods are manufactured very less compared to coils. Straight rods get zigzag shape while it gets cool but the coiled form will remain intact in coil shape itself.

The parent coil is loaded to coil cradle of a de-coiling machine. The parent coil is unwound and passed through a levelling head. This part of the unit consists rows of hardened rolls that are positioned above and below the passing steel bar.

Commercial food storage shelves, counters and cupboards are preferred to be made from stainless steel for its durability and hygiene.

The rolls have a controlled level of pressures placed on them at varying intensity and location. Hyperbolic Rollers are used for accurate straightening without causing any damage to the rebar.

Curvature existing in the material leaving the parent coil is then fully removed to create a flattened steel bar. When sufficient material has been flattened according to the requirements a shear is used to cut it to length. In some models, it is then fed into a system which stacks it into bundles of the specified quantity or weight.

The average speeds of the machine are 40 – 55m/min with flying shear & advanced PLC Control Panel, capable of cutting 99 different lengths up to 99 metres in a single setting. Usually, a single ton of steel takes about an hour to get decoiled in a non-hybrid machine. In a hybrid machine, it takes around ten to fifteen minutes. By this process, the contractor can save a lot of time and money.

A single ton of coil requires minimum four to six days for straightening. The same takes another two or three days to cut as per the required measurements. So for a total of nine or ten days work is required and minimum two or three manual labours are needed to complete this work.

Decoiling can be done in two ways as per the requirement. Either the material is taken to our shop floor or the machine is taken to the site and work is done there. Rebar Processing Equipment is economical and technically advanced.

And it is designed to be very fast and reliable with minimal employment of labour for the given task.

Customizing of Rods

The steel bar which is straightened and decoiled using decoiling equipment can be programmed in many ways to suit customer requirements. A flat construction requires piling to be done first. After that, there will be column and beams placed.

For erecting columns and beams they require Bend rods, straight rods, Zig zag roads etc. A customized size of the same can be supplied by us.

For example cutting and bending a 12mm core rod to a size of 8 x 8 takes around 20 minutes with the help of two labours. The same item can be done in 4 – 5 minutes with the help of a bend & cutter machine.

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