Vertical Garden

Each vertical garden is a living, breathing organism made up of hundreds or thousands of individual plants. We are committed to ensuring your vertical gardens remain vibrant for years to come.

Outstanding care is at the heart of all our projects which gives clients peace of mind.

Vertical gardens are a modern solution to limited outdoor space, allowing individuals to bring the beauty of nature into their homes. These innovative gardens not only provide aesthetic value but also offer numerous benefits such as improving air quality, reducing noise pollution, and creating a sense of tranquility in urban environments.

By incorporating a vertical garden into your living space, you can enhance the overall ambience while promoting sustainability and eco-conscious living.

One interesting aspect is their ability to serve as natural insulation for buildings, helping regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption.

Additionally, the diverse array of plants that can be integrated allows for customization based on personal preferences and environmental conditions.

Maintaining a Vertical Garden

Whether you choose to create a lush indoor oasis or an eye-catching exterior feature, vertical gardens are versatile and adaptable to various spaces and design aesthetics.

Our maintenance technicians are horticulturists with years of experience looking after this amazing and intricate plant world. Programmed maintenance Our expert team provide monthly service visits that include:

  • Removal of shedding foliage
  • Trimming of plants
  • Testing the irrigation system
  • Testing grow lights
  • Refilling fertiliser
  • Pest management
  • Seasonal refurbishments of plants (optional – additional cost).
  • cost of the Vertical Garden System.

Maintaining a vertical garden is essential to ensure the health and longevity of your plants. Regular watering is crucial, as tends to dry out faster than traditional gardens due to their upright design. Consider installing a drip irrigation system to automate the watering process and ensure each plant receives the right amount of moisture.

Pruning and trimming are also important tasks in vertical garden maintenance. Regularly check for overgrown or damaged leaves and stems, as well as any signs of pest infestation. By keeping your plants well-maintained, you not only promote healthy growth but also enhance the visual appeal of your vertical garden. Remember that occasional fertilizing can help provide essential nutrients to your plants, ensuring they thrive in their vertical environment.

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