Tile Laying Cost

Current Granite and tile laying cost without materials ( Only Labour). Latest Tile work rates in Kochi / Kerala for laying tiles or granite.

We undertake repolishing works of Italian Marble flooring and Facades. Whatever your reason for contacting us, we are here to make it a positive experience. 

Tile Laying Cost

 Description of workRateUnit
1 Granite Slab laying  (Gang Saw)Rs 68.00Per Square Feet
2 Granite Slab laying (6 x 3 Feet)Rs 45.00 Per Square Feet 
3 Granite Slab laying (10 x 5 Feet)Rs 55.00Per Square Feet
4 Skirting laying for 20 mm Granite SlabRs 55.00Per Running Feet 
5 Skirting laying for 10 mm Granite SlabRs 45.00 Per Running Feet  
6 Granite Slab Edge Moulding (Single) Rs 69.00 Per Running Feet 
7 Granite Slab Edge Moulding (Double)Rs 120.00Per Running Feet
8 Italian Marble Slab laying (With Ordinary Polishing)Rs 100.00Per Square Feet
9 Italian Marble Slab laying (With Diamond Polishing)Rs 110.00Per Square Feet
10 Italian Marble Wall CladdingRs 200.00Per Square Feet
11 Italian Marble Slab Edge Moulding (Single)Rs 69.00Per Running Feet
12 Italian Marble Slab Edge Moulding (Double)Rs 120.00Per Running Feet
13 Italian Marble Repolishing (Walls & Facades)Rs 60.00Per Square Feet
14 Italian Marble Repolishing (Floor)Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
15 Glass White Slab NANO (6 x 4 Feet)Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
16 Glass White Slab NANO (10 x 5 Feet)Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
17 Glass White Slab NANO (Gang Saw)Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
18 Glass White Slab NANO Edge Moulding (Single)Rs 75.00Per Running Feet
19 Glass White Slab NANO Edge Moulding (Double)Rs 110.00Per Running Feet
20 Laying of Bathroom Tiles (30 x 40 Cm)Rs 27.00 Per Square Feet 
21 Laying of Bathroom Tiles (60 x 60 Cm)Rs 27.00Per Square Feet
22 Laying Vitrified Tiles (60 x 60 Cm)Rs 25.00 Per Square Feet 

Tile Cost

23 Laying Vitrified tiles (80 x 80 Cm)Rs 28.00 Per Square Feet 
24 Laying Vitrified tiles (1 X 1 Meter)Rs 28.00 Per Square Feet 
25 Laying Vitrified slab (60 cm x 1.20 Mtr)Rs 25.00 Per Square Feet  
26 Laying Vitrified slab (80 cm x 1.20 Mtr)Rs 28.00Per Square Feet
27 Laying Vitrified slab (6 x 4 Feet)Rs 30.00Per Square Feet
28 Vitrified Tiles Edge moulding ( Single)Rs 50.00Per Running Feet
29 Vitrified Tiles Edge moulding ( Double)Rs 85.00Per Running Feet
30 Paving Tiles Laying Rs 25.00 Per Square Feet   
31 Staircase Tiles As Per Design
32 Granite Edge Designing Works From Rs 40.00As Per Design
33 Glass Bond Filling WorksRs 18.00Per Square Feet
34 Glass Bond Filling Works ( With Materials )Rs 30.00Per Square Feet 
35 Epoxy work Rs 18.00Per Square Feet
36 Epoxy work (with Materials )Rs 30.00Per Square Feet
37 Kitchen Sink Cutting and fixingRs 800.00Per Piece
38 Bathroom Wall Cladding Tile Works (30 x 60 Cm)Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
39 Bathroom Wall Cladding Tile Works (60 x 60 Cm)Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
40 Tile Wall Cladding  Works (General) Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
41 Vitrified Tiles Design WorksFrom Rs 50.00Per Square Feet
42 InterLock Tile Laying CostRs 25.00Per Square Feet
43 Marble Polishing WorksFrom Rs 45.00Per Square Feet
44 Natural Tiles Laying ( 60 x 60 Cm )Rs 35.00Per Square Feet
45 Tile Edge Beeding works Rs 20.00Per Running Feet
46 Pouring POP Rs 1000.00 As Per Labour 
47 Acid washing floorsRs 13.00 Per Square Feet


The rates listed above apply to work done in Ernakulam city. Additional charges apply for work outside the city. Please tell us the location of the site in advance so we can provide an accurate quote.

We are tile laying contractors with specially trained people for swimming pool tile laying. We also can undertake tiling laying works as turnkey projects, with the capability to execute the projects anywhere in Kerala.

Kindly get in touch with us for your tile-laying Jobs. We can give you realistic rates for patterned or asymmetrical tile laying kindly call or write to us for the rates with or without material cost.