Stainless Steel Display Counters

Refrigerated display cases display less shelf life fruits like grapes, strawberries and vegetables. Since display cases usually do not have the refrigeration capacity to cool the products.

Manufacturers make high-quality display counters with 304-grade stainless steel sheets, pipes, and square tubes. According to its function the size and shapes of these display counters change.

Display Counters

Since stainless steel is stain-free and easy to clean, people mostly prefer it over other materials. These heavy-duty durable counters come with adjustable shelves that you can customize according to day-to-day requirements..

Stainless Steel Display Counters

We use LED lighting technology for display counters because it doesn’t generate heat at the light emission aperture, which helps in preserving the foodstuff better.

It is much easier to sanitize and clean all display tables, cases, cabinets, and other fixtures made from stainless steel.

With refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and hot units, in-service and self-serve styles, countertop displays are an effective way to merchandise your fresh foods.

Stainless Steel Display Counters

Vegetable Display Table

Manufacturers make these from stainless steel 304 Grade, and you can use them for a variety of applications, including displaying fruits and vegetables in supermarkets.

Design fruit and vegetable display shelves according to individual requirements. They can be broadly classified into refrigerated and non-refrigerated display showcases.

Stainless Steel Display Counters

Vegetable Display Showcase

Non-refrigerated display counters can be used to display commodities at the store’s ambient air temperature. These include items that do not lose water quickly and have long shelf-life like apples, pears, kiwi fruits, and oranges.

Stainless Steel Display Counters

Pizza display counters/ Hot units

The smell of warm rolls, pizzas, and freshly baked bread is often difficult to resist. Stainless steel hot-service and self-serve display units can be designed and made in numerous styles.

Curved glass styling with adjustable stainless steel shelves, tempered front and rear glass, incandescent top and shelf lights, and removable sliding rear service doors are the highlights of the stainless steel display deck.

All stainless steel constructed display counters normally have an operating temperature range of 30″C – 100″ C. These units are also able to keep other foods such as cookies, pastries, sandwiches, etc.

The size and style of your heated shelf are two of the most important critical factors to consider when choosing a model. Contact us and design today.