Land Fill Volume Calculator

The Land Fill Volume Calculator – Used to calculate the volume of a landfill is an essential measurement that needs to be determined. This is a useful tool for environmentalists, waste management professionals, and policymakers.

For efficient waste management, the correct calculation of a landfill’s volume is crucial.

We designed this Land Fill Volume Calculator tool to assist in calculating the volume in both cubic meters and cubic feet.



Example for Calculating the Land Back Fill Volume/Quantity of Sand.

Using the given formula and self-explanatory example, it is very easy to determine the amount of fine aggregates required for the backfilling of a basement or for filling land. Keep in mind that the material being brought in is loose and will be compacted on the job. If it is calculated that 100 m3 are required, at least 10 to 40 M3 of soil will be required extra for compacting and leveling.

Formula for Calculation

Volume of Backfill = Length x Breadth X Depth

For example:- Backfilling of a site with Length 14 Meters, Breadth 12 Meters, and depth 3 meters = 14 x 12 x 3 = 504 CUM

For example:- Backfilling of a site with Length 14 Feet, Breadth 12 Feet, and Depth 3 Feet = 14 x 12 x 3 = 504 CFT

Land Fill Volume Calculator
Land Fill Volume Calculator