Solar Energy Audits

A solar energy audit is an inspection of your home or business to determine if you have adequate sunlight for installing a solar energy system.

Homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprints should consider having a solar energy audit done on their property. Many customers are increasingly interested in solar energy audits to assess their home’s feasibility for solar energy installation.

Introduction: Solar Energy Audits

During a solar energy audit, an energy specialist will come to your home and perform a variety of tests, including thermal imaging, blower door tests, and insulation tests.

A solar energy feasibility audit is a process of assessing how much solar power your home could generate and what changes could be made to increase that amount. The audit will also determine how much you could save on your energy bills by going solar and what kind of system would work best for your home.

An auditor will examine your home’s roof, shading, and electrical usage to determine the best way to install solar panels. Solar energy audits can be conducted by a variety of professionals, including contractors, engineers, and architects.

Solar energy feasibility typically involves three steps:

First, a solar energy audit determines your existing roof’s suitability for solar panels and then determines the best way to install them. Second, a solar designer will design your new roof with a photovoltaic system.

What is a Solar Energy Audit?

Solar energy audits are a vital part of the adoption process for solar energy. By having a professional come out and evaluate your home or business, you can get an idea of what kind of system you need, where the best place to put it is, and how much it will cost. Additionally, solar energy audits can help you qualify for state-building tax credits as well as rebate programs.

The Benefits of Solar Energy Audits

Solar energy audits are a critical step in understanding how much solar energy your home or business can use. An audit will help home and business owners identify the potential for solar energy systems, assess the costs and benefits of solar PV systems, and recommend the best system for your needs.

Common Elements of Solar Energy Audits

  • Determine potential solar modifications that will reduce heating energy consumption and/or cost.
  • During an energy audit, a professional will assess your home’s energy use and recommend ways to make it more energy-efficient.
  • Making your home more energy-efficient can help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Perform an engineering and economic analysis of potential modifications.
  • A solar energy audit is an important step in understanding how much solar energy your home can use.

How to Perform a Solar Energy Audit

Solar energy audits are an important part of the solar energy process. By evaluating your home and its energy use, a solar energy auditor can help you determine the best way to go solar and what size system you will need. An audit will also identify any potential savings you could see from going solar.

  1. Inspecting heating and cooling systems.
  2. Inspect and identify insulation and sealing of buildings.
  3. An inspection of the exterior, interior, home envelope, and all mechanical systems of a property is used to determine its condition.
  4. If available, an energy bill review from the past may be used as a reference for projected savings estimates.
  5. You may also be asked to complete a survey of your home or have an energy audit performed by a professional auditor.
  6. A solar energy audit involves visiting your home and evaluating its energy use to determine the best way to go solar.
  7. Evaluation of safety and energy efficiency: A series of diagnostic tests to identify possible leaks, moisture infiltration, or ventilation problems and measure the home’s energy performance.
  8. Home Improvement Recommendations Based on health and safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness, the most important upgrades.


A solar energy audit is a perfect place to start for homeowners looking to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Solar energy audits can help identify where your home is losing energy and how you can make your home more energy-efficient.

A solar energy audit is a check-up for your home or office in which you see how much energy is used and what big changes you could make in terms of efficiency and sustainability. This can help determine whether you should invest in a solar energy system for your home or office and what size system would be best.

If you’re interested in having a solar energy audit, please contact us as soon as possible. We can provide you with all the information you need for you to make the wisest decision for you and your family.

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