Building Plan for Renovation

Building Plan for Renovation

A building plan for renovation is a comprehensive blueprint that outlines the scope, design, and execution of a renovation project. It serves as a crucial roadmap, detailing the changes and improvements to be made to an existing structure. This plan typically includes architectural drawings, structural changes, electrical and plumbing layouts, materials specifications, and a timeline … Read more

Water Tank Leak Proofing

Water Tank Leak Proofing KJASons®

Underground water tanks due to their age and water pressure surrounding them can cause water ingress, which can cause water contamination. In some cases, water can travel to and from the tank which will lead to significant water loss during summer seasons. Ensuring Leak-Proof Underground Water Tanks: A Vital Investment Underground water tanks play a … Read more

Building Construction & Renovation

Building Construction Renovation Work

Building Construction & Renovation, This represents one of our latest renovation projects undertaken by our building construction company. Specifically, it involves the partial reconstruction of a house located in Palluruthy, Kochi, encompassing an area totalling approximately 2000 sqft, which includes the car porch. From helping you identify the most suitable renovation approach to finalizing the … Read more